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  1. bretrick01
    Lurking around a bit....looking for familiar faces...
  2. Sir Leon
    Sir Leon
    Damn it stil cannot pass mildran final..didn't have lead that good for that quest :(
  3. Problematic98
    Returned after 2 years. Player name: NoPain
  4. Hefaded
    Hefaded Fainri
    What level are you?
    1. Fainri
      132 right now
      Oct 15, 2017 at 8:29 AM
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  5. Blythik
    Blythik Acyl
    Hi Sir, can you view my post and help me do a break down of what units I can work with? I am an old/recurring player. But I am totally clueless on what to do right now. Much appreciated!
  6. DeltaHorizon020
    DeltaHorizon020 B@N€
    Hi....Are you still searching for a guild
  7. B@N€
    B@N€ hwangtinglee
    Hi, i was wondering if there were still some open spots left in the guild? I'm an old player but i just recently created a facebook and i had to restart my acc, currently i'm lvl 32 and climbing. im as active as i can be during school and when i get home.
  8. JustSomeRandomGuy
  9. Phoenix36za
    Got my first Billion in FH - Rank 77 until the FH Hack is resolved.
  10. Hentaria
    Hentaria Alrisha
    Why aren't you playing the game anymore (TдT)
  11. Hefaded
    I need some mother loving metal mimics... I want to evolve this lovely beast belhem for the second time and see what I get. Beautiful art.
  12. Hefaded
    I've been hooked on gems and units since my first summoning a few years ago. I've taken long breaks but lately I've been questing hard.
  13. KnightOfHolyLightJules
  14. Maikeru_Kun
    Read this and you are gay...******.
  15. Maikeru_Kun
    Read this and you are gay
  16. Saga
    anyone still paly this game??
  17. Windel
  18. TheRandomDerp
    TheRandomDerp Zelegend
    er mer gerd iz big nepsy
  19. Arctus
  20. Yoshino
    4 ranks till thantos ^.^