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  1. Atreyu420X
    FH all day every day until GR
  2. Brian Szotak
    Brian Szotak
    Welcoming new guild members
  3. Temperr
    Temperr Acyl
    1. Acyl
      EU account, I kinda don't like responding to those because it's higher-effort and not something I can knock out real quick, but since you were smart/thoughtful/considerate enough to put unit names that are searchable...
      Jan 16, 2018 at 2:07 AM
  4. Angel Venegas
    Angel Venegas
    When will there be an omni for Lemia and Dilias?
  5. Atreyu420X
    Currently looking for Ark Friend unit for SZ 1
  6. Just_tryna_try
    Just_tryna_try Leon_Cerberus
    Please check out my post, I really need help building my team
  7. Just_tryna_try
    Just_tryna_try Alchemia
    Please check out my post I really need help building my team
  8. Just_tryna_try
    Just_tryna_try Beyond Z
    Could you please look at my post I really need help building my team
  9. Just_tryna_try
    Still need help maximizing my teams power, pleaassse help
  10. The Blitzer
    The Blitzer
    Say it with me everyone: Ded geimu.
  11. The Blitzer
    The Blitzer
    Say it with me everyone:
  12. TrollJoe
    Just taking in all of the expansions they've made to the game. Also excited for Brave Frontier 2
  13. seby1234
    4 years of Brave Frontier and I'm still going strong!
  14. Nix Snowsong
    Nix Snowsong
    Doing whatever, not sure right now
  15. jahreal
    Looking for a guild
  16. Zenonia
    Make Hunter Rank 100
  17. dragonfree97
    dragonfree97 L0st_S0ul
    Hey, this might be a long shot, but did you used to be part of the Pokémon Shadow Chronicles forum back in 2006-8 ish? If so, can you message me on twitter at robynetzan or on the animal crossing wikia at user:dragonfree97 please? if not, sorry to bother you xoxo
  18. Mercury59
    Mercury59 Eleiryn
    Mercury 1133116667 Lvl 929
    *On BF (if not asleep) - work from home
    *34 Omni+
    *185 Omni units - all max’d & imp’d
    *Was member of “Hideout” but the discord chat became over the top with vulgarity/offensive- decided that was not something I wanted to associate with
    *Guild Raid - no issues with spending 16-17 of the possible 22 hours. Can play Elite Farming,Clear outposts, or boss hunter (can adapt)
  19. Mercury59
    Mercury59 Eleiryn
    Very interested in learning more about the Empyrean guild. Do you have an application - what information do you need from me? (Mercury - bf user 1133116667 - level 929)
    1. Eleiryn
      Hey there! For privacy reasons feel free to send info in a PM, but to answer your questions; we don't have a set application, but as a general overview we like to know whatever you're comfortable sharing about yourself in the game and/or as a person. There's no level/GR experience hard min (honestly, if you say you're going to try hard that's generally good enough unless super low level lol).
      Dec 27, 2017
  20. Brian Szotak
    Brian Szotak
    Looking for a guild with low expectations? Join us! One day we will be huge. But right now there's no commitment :)