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  1. Kereler
    Kereler Eleiryn
    im back, you might not remember me, but im back.
  2. Yanjiahui
  3. Kunoei
    Returning player after half a year, looking for a guild. Lvl : 203
  4. Mizu
    Hello! I'm Mizuki~ My Global ID is 39171744 (Mizuki). My leaders are Omni Zelnite, QiuTong and Zelion~
  5. Kaijukid 973
    Kaijukid 973
    Hi, im here to get advice on building my squad. I'm also havimg problems with the grand quest thing. Im a noob
  6. Exio
    What's up
  7. Mizu
    Hello! I'm Mizuki~ My Global ID is 39171744 (Mizuki). My leader is Chivalrous Thief Zelnite with EXP Boost Leader Skill Enhancement
  8. Rowigrath
    Astute Ebony and Enid is pretty damn amazing~
  9. XxBloodyNose
    XxBloodyNose Eleiryn
    I redeemed my unit of choice by logging in 40/40 days and I haven’t gotten anything yet which I’ve been waiting for the unit to pop up in my present box. Is there an exact time that the unit should pop up.

    P.S :I’ve seen people redeem their choices and have instantly received their units. I’m just confused on the matter at hand.
    Thank you.
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    2. Eleiryn
      Hmm... yeah, that's pretty weird. Send in a ticket to gumi support ASAP then and they should be able to sort you out.
      Aug 31, 2018
    3. XxBloodyNose
      Thanks for the help Eleiryn, the problem has been sorted out. I really appreciate your help. : )
      Aug 31, 2018
    4. Eleiryn
      Glad to hear it! Enjoy your Faelan.
      Aug 31, 2018
  10. Pure General Zeus
    Pure General Zeus
    Pure General Regil = Best Unit :)
  11. CoochiePls
    Currently looking to join an active guild.
  12. artourfate
    Active player, still developing.
  13. Lord Ashura
    Lord Ashura TheOddGoat
    same I need help as well I keep Using OMni Ochaco To help me but i just cant get past the Plus Ultra phase
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  14. RedGold
    Vice-Captain of Elder S
  15. Gingerheim
    Gingerheim TheOddGoat
    Could you possibly friend me? I REALLY need help with the All Might fight
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  16. LostStuf
    If ya need help just DM me! Idk if ill be able to be super useful but Ill switch up my units to help you through quests if you like!
  17. LostStuf
    Looking for someone to help me beat the All Might fight please!
  18. MCgh0st13
    yo what's good? played the game for a while and i'm new to the forums! always willing to chat about anything :D
  19. 4c3Z3r0
    Struggling lol
  20. TheOddGoat