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Nov 5, 1996 (Age: 22)
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Member, Female, 22, from United States

So I'm in dire need of FFXV..... Apr 7, 2016

ObsidianSeraphZenia was last seen:
Apr 13, 2016
    1. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      So I'm in dire need of FFXV.....
    2. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      I'm sexy and I know it~
    3. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      I want Lafiel :(
    4. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      Can't wait for my Chrome xD
    5. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      Ahhhhhh I just want a Deemo :'(
    6. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      Lana Del Rey is bae af
    7. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      Some of the GGC's are pissing me off like no other
    8. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      Yay I got Quartz :D
    9. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      I just really want to get Ultor
    10. ObsidianSeraphZenia
      Add me, I've got some pretty decent units.
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    Nov 5, 1996 (Age: 22)
    United States
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    RC 6
    Currently Playing:
    BF(Obviously), Final Fantasy Type-O(PS4)
    Any advice on which of my units to level up would be much appriciated!!!!!:)

    Here is a list of all of the units I own:
    *Phoenix Torque Ruby (Lv 120, Breaker) :fire: UBB, Sphered, Max imped
    *Inferno Rifle Bestie (Lv 120, Lord) :fire: UBB, Sphered, Max imped
    *Wildfire Lotus Michele (Lv 120, Anima) :fire:
    *Ardent Dawn Avant (Lv 120, Guardian) :fire: UBB, Sphered, almost max imped
    *Sanguine Hood Ciara (Lv 120, Anima) :fire: UBB, Sphered, almost max imped

    *Ice Legend Selena (Lv 120, Guardian) :water: UBB, Sphered
    *Leviathan Sage Elimo (Lv 120, Oracle) :water: UBB, Sphered
    *Tidal Nacre Medina (Lv 120, Guardian) :water: Sphered
    *Indigo Soul Iris (Lv 120, Breaker) :water:
    *Neptunian Tridon (Lv 120, Lord) :water: UBB, Sphered, Tridon's Trident

    *Sylvan Excalibur Quaid (Lv 120, Anima) :earth:
    *Gaia Sennin Oguro (Lv 120, Breaker) :earth:
    *Ruinous Andaria (Lv 120, Anima) :earth: UBB, Sphered, Bow of Andaria

    *Fulgor Heroine Shera (Lv 120, Oracle) :thunder: UBB, Sphered
    *Thunderbird Sabre Diana (Lv 120, Breaker) :thunder: Sphered
    *Dragon Scroll Kagura (Lv 120, Lord) :thunder: Sphered
    *Roaring Crush Balgran (Lv 120, Lord) :thunder:
    *Thunder Champion Rahgan (Lv 120, Lord) :thunder: Sphered
    *Deimos Thunderborn (Lv 120, Lord) :thunder: SBB, Sphered, Forgebreaker

    *Frolic Emperor Kira (Lv 120, Breaker) :light: Sphered
    *Resplendent Queen Rinon (Lv 120, Lord) :light: UBB, Sphered, MAX imp
    *Turbo Wings Nemethgear (Lv 120, Breaker) :light:
    *Angelic Champion Nadore (Lv 120, Anima) :light: Sphered
    *Mad Heretic Gazia (Lv 120, Lord) :light: UBB, Sphered

    *Cataclysm Empress Feeva (Lv 120, Anima) :dark: Sphered
    *Grave Carver Aaron (Lv 120, Guardian) :dark: SBB, Sphered
    *Galactic Treasure Ivris (Lv 120, Breaker) :dark: Sphered
    *Hellion Armor Reis (Lv 120, Anima) :dark: Sphered
    *Sinister Basilisk Kafka (Lv 120, Guardian) :dark: UBB, Sphered
    *Obsidian Seraph Zenia (Lv 120, Breaker) :dark: UBB, Sphered, MAX imp, Obsidian Core Amplifier
    *Pumleficent Semira (Lv 120, Anima) :dark: UBB, Sphered

    *Holy Flame Vargas (Lv 42, Lord) :fire:
    *Ace Chef Lancia (Lv 32, Anima) :fire:
    *Passion Sibyl Freya (Lv 62, Anima) :fire:
    *Fire Goddess Ulkina (Lv 90, Lord) :fire: SBB, Sphered
    *Inferno Princess Dia (Lv 85, Guardian) :fire:
    *Defiant God Luther (Lv 100, Guardian) :fire:
    *Raging Blade Owen (Lv 1, Lord) :fire:
    *Sorcerer's Army Velnar (Lv 66, Lord) :fire:
    *Universal Mage Aludra (Lv 100, Anima) :fire:
    *Flame-Tailed Lucia (Lv 14, Lord) :fire:

    *Sea King Mega (Lv 14, Lord) :water:
    *Arctic Rose Stya (Lv 30, Guardian) :water:
    *Twin Arms Rickel (Lv 42, Breaker) :water:
    *Sorrow Sibyl Eliza (Lv 59, Breaker) :water:
    *Tyrant Goddess Phee (Lv 89, Guardian) :water: SBB
    *Axe God Mariudeth (Lv 64, Breaker) :water: SBB
    *Ice God Arius (Lv 46, Lord) :water:
    *Massacre God Belfura (Lv 30, Lord) :water:
    *Magnum Opus Rigness (Lv 100, Breaker) :water: SBB, Sphered
    *Aqua Slash Tazer (Lv 48, Breaker) :water:
    *Sorcerer's Army Yuni (Lv 60, Lord) :water:
    *Gelid Arcane Haile (Lv 14, Lord) :water:

    *Holy Earth Lance (Lv 100, Guardian) :earth:
    *Dahlia Fist Nemia (Lv 12, Anima) :earth:
    *Beauty Sibyl Paula (Lv 14, Guardian) :earth:
    *Thief God Zelnite (Lv 100, Guardian) :earth: Sphered
    *Maestro Goddess Miku (Lv 49, Lord) :earth:
    *Dragon God Ragshelm (Lv 100, Anima) :earth:
    *Flora Goddess Faris (Lv 100, Breaker) :earth:
    *Jewel Floret Rosetta (Lv 100, Anima) :earth: SBB, Sphered
    *Wildcat Lindsey (Lv 100, Anima) :earth:
    *Fei and Fang (Lv 64, Lord) :earth:

    *Holy Thunder Eze (Lv 100, Breaker) :thunder:
    *Omega Behemeth (Lv 28, Oracle) :thunder:
    *Heaven's Bow Loch (Lv 42, Anima) :thunder: Sphered
    *Echo Sibyl Zele (Lv 55, Guardian) :thunder:
    *Lightning Speed Lucana (Lv 24, Oracle) :thunder:
    *Crusher God Uda (Lv 49, Oracle) :thunder:
    *Dragoon Soul Bargus (Lv 100, Oracle) :thunder: SBB
    *Holy Knight Symphonia (Lv 43, Guardian) :thunder:
    *Lethal Canon Bonnie (Lv 28, Anima) :thunder:

    *Holy Light Atro (Lv 73, Breaker) :light:
    *Radiance Sibyl Sola (Lv 55, Breaker) :light:
    *Ark (Lv 45, Lord) :light:
    *Legatus Melchio (Lv 100, Guardian) :light:
    *Leorone (Lv 49, Guardian) :light:
    *Terminator Lilith (Lv 87, Guardian) :light:
    *Worldly Themis (Lv 1, Breaker) :light:
    *Seraph Azael (Lv 74, Lord) :light:
    *Holy Night Priscilla (Lv 100, Guardian) :light: SBB, Sphered
    *Creator Maxwell (Lv 100, Lord) :light:
    *Eggsecutioner Carrol (Lv 100, Oracle) :light: SBB, Sphered
    *Silver Wolf Barienna (Lv 77, Lord) :light:

    *Eclipse Sibyl Madia (Lv 37, Guardian) :dark:
    *Inferno Swords Logan (Lv 58, Oracle) :dark: SBB
    *Black Lotus Lunaris (Lv 100, Anima) :dark: SBB, Sphered
    *Inferno Goddess Elza (Lv 100, Breaker) :dark: SBB, Sphered
    *Cardes the Malevolent (Lv 42, Lord) :dark:
    *Zevalhua the Supreme (Lv 15, Lord) :dark:
    *Beast God Afla Dilith (Lv 1, Lord) :dark:
    *Eerie Possession Yuura (Lv 36, Anima) :dark: Sphered
    *Chronographia Phoena (Lv 35, Lord) :dark:

    *Beast King Zegar (Lv 33, Guardian):fire:
    *Magma Knight Agni (Lv 47, Guardian) :fire:
    *Fire God Lava (Lv 70, Guardian) :fire:
    *Blade God Seria (Lv 1, Lord) :fire:
    *Protector Darvanshel (Lv 80, Guardian) :fire:
    *Ember Sage Fiora (Lv 15, Guardian) :fire:
    *Sword God Reed (Lv 80, Guardian) :fire:
    *Strong Flame Griff (Lv 79, Anima) :fire:
    *War Rocket Cayena (Lv 10, Anima) :fire:
    *Grandt (Lv 1, Anima) :fire:

    *Dragon Hero Zephu (Lv 51, Guardian) :water:
    *Meltia (Lv 31, Anima) :water:
    *Ice Warrior Karl (Lv 30, Lord) :water:
    *Talon God Rhein (Lv 52, Lord) :water:
    *Aqua Ruler Kuhla (Lv 1, Breaker) :water:
    *Noah (Lv 80, Lord) :water:
    *Pirate Empress Eve (Lv 13, Lord) :water:
    *Lance Knight Vernil (Lv 80, Lord) :water:
    *Aqua Wind Quartz (Lv 1, Anima) :water:

    *Bow God Lario (Lv 18, Anima) :earth:
    *Gun God Douglas (Lv 23, Oracle) :earth:
    *Pixy King Leore (Lv 80, Guardian) :earth:
    *Great Golum (Lv 80, Oracle) :earth:
    *Lawful God Aneil (Lv 70, Guardian) :earth:
    *Logistics Support Lin (Lv 1, Lord) :earth:
    *Ivy Nalmika (Lv 73, Lord) :earth:
    *Divine Guardian Tia (Lv 80, Anima) :earth:
    *Regal Sword Dolk (Lv 80, Breaker) :earth:

    *General Weiss (Lv 52, Guardian) :thunder:
    *Zazabis (Lv 31, Lord) :thunder:
    *Bolt Mallet Elulu (Lv 62, Breaker) :thunder:
    *Drake God Lodin (Lv 1, Breaker) :thunder:
    *Rebel Angel Elsel (Lv 56, Anima) :thunder:
    *Mech Cannon Grybe (Lv 47, Guardian) :thunder:

    *Holy Empress Luna (Lv 40, Breaker) :light:
    *Pistol God Heidt (Lv 31, Oracle) :light:
    *Heavy God Nevsky (Lv 16, Breaker) :light:
    *Brave King Hogar (Lv 15, Oracle) :light:
    *Sacred Relics Yujeh (Lv 56, Breaker) :light:
    *High Priestess Elmedia (Lv 1, Anima) :light:
    *Yuuri (Lv 22, Lord) :light:
    *Snow Princess Eva (Lv 1, Breaker) :light:

    *Death Magress (Lv 54, Anima) :dark:
    *Ryujin Mifune (Lv 25, Oracle) :dark:
    *Red Shadow Oboro (Lv 16, Lord) :dark:
    *Duel-GX II (Lv 19, Lord) :dark:
    *Dual Blade Eru (Lv 36, Guardian) :dark:
    *Grahdens (Lv 80, Lord) :dark:
    *Evil Kajah (Lv 63, Anima) :dark:
    *Empress Lily Matah (Lv 80, Guardian) :dark:
    *Draconian Varfed (Lv 21, Guardian) :dark:
    *Heartless Hadaron (Lv 80, Anima) :dark:

    *Emperor Orwen (Lv 13, Guardian) :fire:
    *Nick (Lv 1, Anima) :fire:
    *Loch Ness (Lv 56, Lord) :water:
    *Hail Bot Reeze (Lv 39, Anima) :water:
    *Cursed Fei (Lv 60, Anima) :water:
    *Sage Bran (Lv 1, Oracle) :thunder:
    *Lead Engineer Garnan (Lv 27, Oracle) :thunder:
    *Thunder Whip Orna (Lv 47, Breaker) :thunder:
    *Magic Riffs Eric (Lv 1, Breaker) :dark:


    "What do you think a truly unusual life would be like? Something really unique. It'd be the kind of life where every single day, nothing new ever happened. Nothing changed. That kind of a life is truly unusual."