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Exploring the site. Just made my account. Jul 1, 2018

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      Exploring the site. Just made my account.
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    Intact Champion Amadream / Furious Thunder Cleria
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    RC 4
    Currently Playing:
    Brave Frontier
    About Me:
    Hello! I am a casual Brave Frontier player who enjoys RPG's, Open-World Adventures, and FPS's. I don't really use Social Media, so I usually spend my time reading, gaming, playing with my dogs, or sleeping. As for Brave Frontier, I am some-what new to the game, but I get the general gist of things. I have made 2 previous accounts, all of which are on older devices (an iPod Touch and an iPhone 4). However, those accounts are now inaccessible, as the software capabilities of the device are too old to even open the app. without it crashing. Even if they are accessible, I don't really want to go back to them, as I feel like I'm in a better position with my newest and current account than I was in any of my older ones.
    Besides Brave Frontier, some of my favorite games to play/that I have played are: Overwatch, Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls, Diablo III, Castle Crashers, Dungeon Defenders, and Borderlands (1, 2, and the Pre-Sequel).


    The usernames that I use are: StaticDragon, _StaticDragon, Static (Brave Frontier), and Hawkman.
    Hawkman was my alias from a long time ago, and have since stopped using it.

    Things I struggle With (Brave Frontier):

    • Building squads (usually based on synergy, LS's, and BB/SBB/UBB's)
    • Whether or not a certain unit worth keeping or leveling up
    • Enhancements. What should I put my SP into?
    Things I Struggle With (In General):
    • Focusing
      • Staying focused on something that I don't really want to do.
      • Staying focused on one individual thing. I'm very easily overwhelmed.
    • Sarcasm
      • "Was that meant to be sarcastic?"
    • Socialization/Conversations
      • I'm fairly awkward when it comes to conversations. I don't usually initiate the conversation, and I struggle with clear and effective communication.
      • If you try to 'drop me hints' that I'm being annoying or upsetting you, I won't pick up on them. I won't be offended if you just straight-up tell me I'm being annoying.
      • I also struggle with 'fitting in' with a group. I mean, I just kinda be myself– and I don't really have a lot of friends because of it.
    • Proper Conversational Etiquette ("Would it be rude to say this?", "I didn't mean to be rude." )
    • Accepting Compliments
      • I try to be modest, but I'm told that it's less like modesty and more like putting myself down.
        • For example: [ Random:"You did a really great job on that. that looked really hard." Me: "Thank you, but it really wasn't that hard. I'm sure that anybody could do it if they tried." ] Or something like that.
    • Organization (quite evidently from the way this is organized.)
    • Anxiety and Depression (That got pretty dark fast; Sorry about that.)
    Anyways, Thanks for reading this far. Sorry for kinda turning this into a Bio or something like that, but I do really appreciate your attention.

    Well, I really don't have anything else to say… so… Have a nice day!