6* Teams for Colosseum and Omni Eze

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    So there's two things I need suggestions on: SP set up for Eze, and 6* teams for the Conqueror Class in Colosseum. So I finally got my Eze to his Omni after neglecting him in favor of raising Vargas, Selena, and Magress before him, having a crap ton of Eze friends on my friendlist. I'm just wondering what would be a good selection for his sp skills. What I was thinking was a pure damage set up with his spark sp skills max (30 sp), his critical sp skills (20), and his enhancement to his spark damage up buff, but the problem is that the 20% to all stats got me wondering what to pick.
    Onto the second thing, I need help with making 6* squads for Colosseum. I'm kinda tired the rng in the Hero class with all of the angel idol buffs floating around, so I want to attempt my luck at the Conqueror class even if it means less points. So yeah, here are my notable 6* units and possible units that max at six stars:
    Fire: Vermilion, Darvanshel, Kurewa & Kuraginn, and Arus
    Water: Kyle (I know he's great here since his leader skill), Quartz, Fei, Noah, Rigness, Signas
    Earth: Luly Miku, Fei and Fang
    Thunder: Julius, Garnan, Emelia, Rowgen, Orna, Lodin
    Light: Deemo, Tilith, Sodis x2, Sefia, Jed, Maxwell
    Dark: Mifune, Zephyr, Deemo, DUEL-SGX, Xie'Jing, Afla Dilith, Zevalhua, Cardes
    Possible 6*'s (yet to raise) :
    Fire: Lars, Aludra, Velnar, Freya, Reed, Meiko, Aisha
    Water: Zephu, Leviathan, Tesla, Sergio, Jack, Rickel, Yuni, Rhien, Eliza, Kaito
    Earth: Heins, Douglas x2, Lidith, Lario x2, Dilma, Lindsey, Miku, Aneil, Il & Mina, Paula
    Thunder: Rutheon, Falma, Mira, Lucana, Symphonia, Rowgen x4, Elulu, Zele, Amy
    Light: Alicia, Valkyrie, Hogar, Deemo, Sefia, Yuuri, Barienna, Nevsky, Sola, Priscilla, Zellha
    Dark: Memetes, Jade, Lich, Deemo x2, Phoena, Graham, Eru, Madia, Luka, Zephyr, Lira

    So yeah, I don't know if most of them are usable in the Colosseum but hey, worth a shot. Thanks for any help!!!
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    Yeah, basically for Eze you take the spark boosts and then choose whether you want crit dmg or all-stats. Straight damage Eze is likely the more common choice. You can take the stats, but my read on it is that eventually Eze's role in Raid, Trial is going to be eroded somewhat by other Omnis. However there will likely be a strong niche for him in FH/FG. That's just my take on it though.

    6* Colo first strike squad is kinda straightforward, if you're willing to farm.
    :water:Kyle (Lead) + :dark:Mifune, :dark:Mifune, :dark:Mifune, :dark:Mifune
    ...since Mifune is a free farmable unit from quest maps, and legitimately one of the best 6* choices for arena. Hell, one of the best Omni choices for arena too, once he gets that.

    If you're not willing to farm, sure, you can use other stuff, but it's... actually suboptimal vs. the Mifune faceroll. Luly, Miku, Rhein, Deemo light and dark, Lario would all work in arena, others as well. No harm using free units like Deemo, Miku, Lario, Rhein there.

    The Mifunes are squishy on defense but you should get a clean sweep on offense anyway.

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