EU account lost due to phone firmware damage!!

Discussion in 'European Server' started by Keydarth, Apr 4, 2018.

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    Hello Summoner,

    today i want to share with you a really bad experience: i have lost my account on my old phone due to fatal firmware error and i request to have it back.
    they asked me everything and i told them the last activities of my account and 30 units in game and how many gems etc.etc...
    they won't give me it back BECAUSE I DON'T REMEMBER the date of the first achievement. they suggested me to check google play game but i can't find the date of this achievement, i can only see if it has been unlocked or not.
    1) it's unbelievable to loose this account in this way: no one, at the beginning of it told me this date was so important as the iD number (come on, it's useless)
    2) is it possible to visualize this date ?
    3) if i restore android on my damaged phone, can i have back my account back and then move it later?
    4) where is linked my account?

    this is a great game and has GREAT developers, i want continue to play it (i have been playing it since 2014)
    sorry for my english, and thank you for attention
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    That is horrible.. I experienced this too after the release of the game, played it straight up 2 years and stopped, after a year break i forgot everything and lost my account. But, ive been able to bring it all back in one year on my other account ( lvl 616 ).One thing that helps alot is payment history, i dont know if you tried looking for it or if you've ever paid for gems or something but it does help :/

    It could cost you alot, you could try fixing you're damaged phone if its possible and check if its still in there. I cant confirm this and you shouldnt listen to me lol, this could be possible and it might fix it but thats a huge gamble on you're side. That what i thought of aswell, i fprgot my date of creation and achievement's because i thought they would be useles..

    Anyways, In the state that brave frontier is in now, its should be easy to earn gems, exp and units in less then a year. Started a second account 2 months ago and its already level 261. There are so many new opportunity's to get gems in the game right now. Dont let you're loss get to you're head and just so FUCK IT, ill start over. Thats what i did, later i found out that all the units i had are now all omni with amazing abilities :(

    Hope this lightens the pain a little bit :L

    Good luck !
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    I tried to check my BF achievements(i got all of them) in Google play, but it's impossible to see the date. Only achievement name and the EXP for Google play level.

    Register here(it's the official EU forum) and PM this great guy
    He may help you. Be polite and don't spam(i.e. put everything in one message)
    You can also include a number of your support request (in advance). If i remember correctly, it looks like #6545646 or something.

    Good luck, Summoner.

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