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    I've been playing for about 3 months now, I've really gotten into the game, but my main squad was just something I threw together and I wanna take this a little bit more serious since I've gotten into Arena and Raid mode. I mostly just have 7 stars but I can Omni the ones I need to so some recommendations would also be great.
    So far my main squad is:
    :earth: Endless Cycle Limilnate
    :thunder: Flashing Knight Licht
    :light: Lucy Heartfilia
    :fire: Holy Flame Vargas
    :dark: Goth Idol Kukui
    Everyone else I have available:
    :light: Roaring Beast Zekt, Divine Dragon, Sacred Sword Alan, Mavis Vermillion, Torturous Grief Zellha, Dawn Emperor Agress, Lovely Comet Janice, Tech Craze Ionia, Divine Vision Amadream, and Shining Wisdom Solos
    :dark: Judgement Demon Zalvard, Holy End Roglizer, Zeref, Fell Illucen & Illumina Shadow Ronin Mifune, Acnologia, Hexed Parasite Velma, Obsidian Seraph Zenia, and Disciple Zebra
    :thunder: Thunder Punisher Silas and Deimos Thunderborn
    :earth: Quaking Hammer Gandrei (x2 If that helps?), Watchful Eyes Baro (x2 Once again does that change anything?), Wulf Aspirant Faelan, Cursed Princess Rozalia, and Emerald Knight Hisui
    :water: Leviathan Sage Elimo, Decay Demon Melord (x2), Bubbling Spring Azalea, Pure Disciple Lumis (x2), Heavenly Ties Wintia, Kaiseri Abyss Sae, and Riverblade Kawab
    :fire: Brave Kurewa & Kuraginn, Perdition Goddes Lucia, Baelfyr, Pyretic Yan & Yuan, Disastrous War Zegstia, Spiritshard al-Akqat, and Shining Courage Alessa
    Would understand if these aren't enough units to work with, also cost shouldn't be much of a problem, as long as I have a clear goal I'll be motivated enough to grind the levels for it.
    I would also be fine with a mono squad.
    Once again, Thank you for your help.

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