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    Hey guys, I have recently started playing Brave Frontier and I find this game absolutely fun, however, I am having problems forming a team. My first summon is a 7 star and from the looks of it, she takes up a lot of cost. So I decided to buy the a 2 or 3 February bundles and farm a few gems so I can get some decent 5 star units, however that backfired so I ended up with a lot of 7 stars and a few 5 stars. I have a total cost of 97. So I hoping that someone can lend a hand to a beginner in making a perfect team for now in the future whenever my cost increase. I will be eventually be buying more gems and other bundles in the future but for now I will be sticking to these units for the month of February lol. So here is what I have so far:

    7 Stars:
    • Overlord Azurai (Anima)
    • Dragon Warrior Lyonesse (Breaker)
    • Shining Courage Alessa (Anima)
    • Indigo Charm Azami (Guardian)
    • 2 Cerulean Knight Steins (Lord/Breaker)
    • Ocean Slasher Holia (Breaker)
    • 2 Thunder Knight Fizz (Oracle/Breaker)
    • Thunder Punisher Silas (Lord)
    • Lion Demon Viktor (Breaker)
    • Calm Triumph Zekuu (Lord)
    • Battle Fanatic Zeek (Guardian)
    • Lion Princess Sonia (Breaker)
    Sadly I got no 7 star grass or light units :(

    6 Stars:
    • Holy Flame Vargas (Lord)

    5 Stars:
    • Hot Metal Gildorf (Anima)
    • Intense Flame Golzo (Guardian)
    • Sea Nymph Averus (Anima)
    • Lance Knight Vernil (Breaker)
    • Inferno Dure (Lord)
    • Deranged Pugilist Nyala (Guardian)
    • White Dragon Folg (Anima)
    • Holy Minister Astall (Guardian)
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    This is in the wrong forum section, by the way. Not your fault. Difference isn't obvious to people. Asking for build advice is usually in 'Units and Squads'.

    Generally speaking where possible you want to focus on units with a max Omni evolution (you can think of it as 8*). However you might want to keep some of your units unevolved at 5* for future use in Summoner Mode, which requires 5* units at the start. This is fine since your 5* units don't go to Omni anyway.

    :fire:Azurai (Lead) + :water:Stein, :water:Holia, :dark:Sonia, :thunder:Fizz (or Azami)
    Azurai LS offers a combination of damage output and top tier survivability (percentage dmg reduction/mitigation is very strong). This makes it suitable for both general gameplay and hard boss fights. Also provides stat buffs and crit, BB atk buffs.
    - Stein is a 'mitigator', a unit who does 50% dmg reduction/mitigation buff (same effect as Azurai LS, it stacks). Think of this as the tank role in BF, we don't have tanks, we have mitigators instead. He also does status ailment cleanse (which you want), and barrier. SP him for BB fill when squad is damaged, as you're low on BB gauge fill buffs.
    - Holia is your healer, she's a very good one, but notably she doesn't actually cleanse or remove ailments, only guards against them being inflicted - which is to say she doesn't remove ailments if they're already on squad, and her ailment immunity buff can be stripped away by bosses. But this is fine, because Stein can remove ailments.
    - Sonia's your spark dmg buffer, SP her for higher spark dmg buff. You might as well also SP her for def stat buff relative to atk. Technically this is optional if Azurai or Alessa is in squad, but it's a cheap option on Sonia and I recommend it for ease of use. Sonia is usually sphered for ailment inflict chance (due to her SBB partially being a random target attack it is good for ailment inflict), though the ailment sphere is optional if Azami is in squad.
    - Fizz or Azami in last slot. Fizz offers OD fill and normal boosts, Azami has ailment stuff which synergises with Sonia.

    :dark:Sonia (Lead) + :water:Stein, :water:Holia, :fire:Alessa, :thunder:Fizz (or Azami)

    - basically the same thing as the general squad, but taking out Azurai (and replacing with Alessa) as he's a crit unit and this can fuck up your RC5+ rare mat drops vs. bosses with crit resist body parts. See other threads if you need a detailed explanation of why crit is problematic in raid.
    - Alessa can be SP'd for crit, but obviously this assumes you won't, since the point of the swap is to take crit out of squad.
    - Alessa can also be used as squad lead, but Sonia offers more damage on LS (which you also want in raid).

    :dark:Zekuu (Lead) + :fire:Azurai, :thunder:Fizz, :thunder:Viktor, (choice of unit)


    - :fire:Lyonesse is for fire/water squads, :dark:Zeek is for dark squads. :thunder:Silas isn't bad but aside from elements he doesn't offer much to you (you have other units who do his roles). :fire:Vargas isn't very good.
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    I'm sorry for posting in the wrong part of the forum and Thank you very much! This will help me get a better understanding of forming a solid team. So basically every unit have unique role to play and you want to try get as many buffs so you can survive and burn the opponents fast as possible. I only have one question, can certain buffs be cancel out if you have too many buffs or units that have similar buffs? I have also recently gotten Kulyuk, Felice, 2 Licht, Agress, Eleanor, and Selena(Starter). I'm starting to think lighting units love me or something.

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