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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zidainar, May 12, 2017.

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    I've ignored arena for so long it's pitiful. I know you get more points with less units, so I was thinking a Leona with Rouche's GGV sphere and a damage sphere and an arena spec'd Azurai. I don't have any of the top guild spheres, I'm working on that. Is that a safe enough squad to run?
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    Literally any unit with Karzn' Excruciation destroys arena.
    In general you want a LS that boosts ABP if you have one (Leona > Glenn > Zekuu > Lanza > Asto > Eleanor)
    If you dont, take your highest ATK LS
    For units you want unit who have AOE normal attacks SP:
    - Mifune does the job very well. If you're using 5 units just fill the team with Mifunes. Zekuu/Leona/Viktor same category.
    - Azurai with AOE options. Same thing, but he has AI to protect himself too.
    - Any unit with AI to make sure you dont die from retaliation if there even is a retaliation: Glenn Asto Lanza Zevalhua Rahotep Azurai Ilm literally 50 units

    - AOE spheres: Karnz' Excruciation and the lower tiers are all amazing in arena. The lower tiers are very usable! If you use multiple units, getting 3-4 tier 1 Karnz' sphere costs less than upgrading 1 full sphere and give the same result. Virulent Device (Fire Dark FG reward iirc) also gives 25% chance to AOE. Some elgifs do that, for Mifunes.
    - ATK stacking, any source, just get as much ATK as possible so that when you AOE it's a 5 kill game over
    - Status immunity: Just another layer of security in case of status ailment random rule. Only important if you're using 2-3 units and dont look at the phone.

    Karnz alone on a unit like Leona or even Azurai should give you a 100% winrate by itself if you use multiples units.
    If you look at your phone, you can use solo, duo, trio unit(s) for more points but if you dont look at phone, depending on team it will be too risky.

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