Can I play Spark Builds?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Blacky, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Hello guys,

    I'm new in this forum, so i'm sorry if this is in the wrong topic.
    My question is :
    Can I play a good team btw. spark team with my units?
    I'm new to this game, maybe I've done some fails for leveling up the wrong units...
    Please tell me if it's true.
    I've watched for the units evolve, if they can reach omni I level these units up. Is this the right way?
    Which units should I level/use?

    My Units :
    Holia Anima Lv.124 Omni
    Zelnite Anima Lv.119 7*
    Mifune Breaker Lv.98 6*
    Lance Breaker Lv.100 6*
    Magress Breaker Lv.100 6*
    Reis Oracle Lv.100 6*
    Arbonella Oracle Lv.100 6*
    Vargas Lord Lv.20 4*
    Selena Oracle Lv.1 4*
    Farzen Oracle Lv.1 6*
    Dion Anima Lv.1 5*
    Tora Guardian Lv.1 5*
    Limera Guardian Lv.1 5*
    Diana Guardian Lv.1 5*
    Rinon Lord Lv.1 5*
    Nadore Guardian Lv.1 5*
    Folg Breaker Lv.1 5*
    Chrome Guardian Lv.1 5*
    Dure Anima Lv.1 5*
    Kagura Guardian Lv.1 5*
    Kira Breaker Lv.1 5*
    Magress Breaker Lv.1 4*
    Shida Oracle Lv.1 4*
    Mifune Oracle Lv.1 2*

    Sorry for my english i'm german.
    Thanks for your upcoming help :)
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    Yes, this is the wrong forum section to ask this. That's why you haven't gotten a reply.
    This is correct. But there are Omni units who aren't so useful. You do need to pay attention to the roles and what the units do.
    Good team, yes. But... making a Spark team is hard.

    You don't own any good spark Omni units. Your only Omni with a spark dmg buff is Vargas, and he's a bad unit for this. None of your Omni units do BB fill when spark.

    This means you will need to use a max 7* unit instead, probably Chrome. This is not ideal but it can't be helped.

    :earth:Zelnite, :dark:Chrome, :dark:Magress, :water:Holia, :earth:Lance
    :earth:Zelnite, :dark:Chrome, :dark:Magress, :water:Selena, :light:Kira

    Use Zelnite lead for easier content like quests and farming. Use Chrome lead if you need more damage from lead skill, maybe Holia lead if you need to do tough boss fights.

    Magress needs to be SP'd at Omni to do 50% damage reduction/mitigation. If Selena is in squad, she must be SP'd to do AOE status ailment cleanse squad buff.

    Chrome is the weak unit in this setup and should be replaced when possible - you ideally want something like Elza, Licht, or whatever instead. Magress and Lance should also be replaced if possible as they're not really ideal candidates. Instead of Magress you really want something like Hisui, and so on.
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