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    As the title states, this will be a guide to defeating Mare, the boss you must face in the Agni final area.
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    This guide is mostly for people who do not have a crit squad since she can be difficult for people without a Zebra.

    Important Notes:
    * Mare casts AoE Attack "Pure Disaster" on her first turn. Pure Disaster will not deal damage but instead inflicts Weak, Injury, and/or Poison with a 100% on all units
    * Mare casts a Single Target BB attack called "Soul Draining" which drains a large amount of damage dealt to a unit. Soul Draining is much stronger than her normal attacks and she uses this often
    * At 40%, Mare casts Nightmare AoE BB which deals 50%-75% of your unit's hp if not guarded. This attack will also heal her. This can be skipped if you reduce her hp to 40% or less apon the first turn.
    * Mare can use AoE BB as much as 4 times in a single turn. This also applies with her able to use Soul Draining 4 times in a single turn.

    Extremely Important Note! *********
    *She can be captured

    Recommended Squads:
    Mono Squads:
    * Bring Seals
    * Bring Ores
    Any Mono squad other than Light mono can be used to defeat Mare if done correctly. The reason why bringing a Light Mono is unsuggested is because of her Soul Draining. Her Soul Draining heals around 50% of the damage she deals if not more, if this attack is inflicted apon a light unit, she will deal 200% damage (Soul Draining deals an extra 50%) and she will heal for 50% of that damage she deals. Bringing a leader that reduces Dark Damage or seals would be suggested. When battle Mare, cast Ores on the first turn so you can deal as much damage as you can in the first Turn. Cast Seals on the second turn since this is the turn where she typically starts spamming BB attacks. When she reaches near 40% of her health, prepare to sacrifice one of your units since she will cast Nightmare. After that, attack her as you normally would and hope that her soul draining isnt spammed enough to destroy your units. Bringing a Grahdens Friend will be extremely useful since he reduces her damage and gives you light element buff to all your units
    Gems Needed:

    Rainbow Squad:
    A rainbow squad can be used against Mare IF they contain:
    *A Defensive Buffer (Oulu, Elimo, Zelban, Etc)
    *A Premium Healer (Altri, Elimo, DeanSBB, Etc)
    * Hard Hitting Units (Logan, Lilith, anything that hits really)
    Any unit that negates status alignments in a BB or SBB (Altri, Mechio, Dean, Etc)
    Its suggested to have an Altri and a Oulu combination for this battle since Altri has a BB that heals and negates status alignments, as well as a SBB that blocks status alignements and heals for a greater amount. A Defensive buffer doesnt have to use the defensive buff until the 2nd turn since the first turn is mostly to cast Pure disaster. Cast Heal as much as possible since you don't know when she will start BB spamming. I would recommend a Oulu since he reduces damage by 50% for a single turn. Oulu's BB can be used when reducing her health to the 40% or lower threshold to block Mare's Nightmare attack (Block not negate). Other than that, bring hard hitting units and prepare for a long and annoying battle. Bringing a Grahdens leader would be great as well since he can block Mare's damage and apply a Light element to your units if you dont have a Melchio or Eric

    Crit Squad:
    * Dual Zebra Leads
    * Grahdens Friend
    Of course a Crit squad. Not much to say here other than cast both the Crit and Att Buffs and Bring Brute elixers to use on all your units to deal as much damage as you can before her 2nd wave of attacks where she will use nightmare (If you get her below 40%). Other than that, PRAY FOR CRITS.

    Item Sets:
    Fujin x2
    Fujin Elixer x2
    Light Revive (Or Crescent Dew) x2
    Holy Light x3

    Ores (Of hard hitting units) x5
    Brute Elixer x10
    High Cures x7
    Holy Light x3

    Seals (Of selected element) x5
    Ores (Of Selected element) x5
    Holy Light x3
    Light revives (Or Crescent Dews) x2

    If you have questions please feel free to post them and i will try to the best of my abilities to answer them. This guide was created mostly for people WITHOUT CRIT SQUADS so please refrain from saying "Crit Squad can easily knock out Mare. This guide is unnecessary" or anything like that.
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