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    Demon Zebra is the boss you are required to defeat at the end of Encrevis.
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    Important Notes:
    * Zebra can spam AoE BB attack Chaos Rage often with an increased chance of Curse and Injury
    * Zebra Casts Gravity Nova every 5th turn
    * Zebra can inflict Curse and Injury on all attacks

    Extremely Important Notes ********
    * Zebra can be Captured
    * Most wanted units thus far (Until Maxwell comes out that is)

    Recommended Squads:
    Rainbow Squads:
    * Premium Healer
    * Defensive buffer
    Fighting Zebra with a Rainbow Squad is not difficult but can be annoying if you dont have anything to deal with his Curse and Injury effects. Having a Premium healer can be useful if he decides to spam his Chaos Rage. A defensive buffer can also be useful when he uses his AoE BB attacks to reduce the damage a bit but there is no need to bring large defensive buffers (Such as Oulu). Healing is necessary for when your units get to low but in this case, Dean is more suggested than Altri. The Reason why in this case, Dean is better than Altri, is because Dean's SBB is the exact same as Altri's BB effects. Dean's BB is an attack which will help reduce his hp quicker since he doesnt use any large scale attacks when his HP reaches a threshold. Bringing a Grahdens Leader is suggested to reduce damage taken and add Light element to attacks if a Melchio or Eric is not owned. Guarding every 5th turn is required

    Crit Squad:
    * Dual Zebra Leaders.
    Before i start talking about his, why the hell are you rerunning Zebra if you already have a crit squad. Suck it up and deal with the typing your Zebra has now his Maxwell is coming. Using a Crit squad against Zebra is the quickest and efficient way to defeat Zebra since he has a lower HP count than most units. Attack Zebra as you would with other boss rounds, Crit Buff, Attack Buff, Hit him as hard as you can and pray for crits.

    Mono Squad:
    * Seals and Ores
    Using a Mono Squad is highly recommended (Since you probably dont have Zebra yet) and commonly used to farm Zebra. Casting Ores and Seals on the first turn is suggested since Zebra doesnt actually do any large scale attacks until every 5th turn. Other than guarding every 5 turns, you can just do all out attacks he dies since there is no BB Threshold attacks.

    Item Sets:
    Fujin x2
    Fujin Elixer x2
    Light Revive (Or Crescent Dew) x2
    Holy Light x3

    Ores (Of hard hitting units) x5
    Brute Elixer x10
    High Cures x7
    Holy Light x3

    Seals (Of selected element) x5
    Ores (Of Selected element) x5
    Holy Light x3
    Light revives (Or Crescent Dews) x2

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me and have fun farming Zebra because i sure didnt (52 damn gems)
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