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    This Guide will inform you of what to expect in the "Dweller of the Darkness" Vortex Event
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    Type: Vortex Event
    Event Time: Sept 25 22:00 - Sept 26 21:59 PST (Server Time)
    Quests: 4
    Total Energy: 100
    Special Boss: Oboro
    Special Drops: Magress, Oboro

    Quest 1:
    Energy: 10
    EXP: 700
    Battles: 7
    Boss: Ninja Oboro
    View attachment 14979 :dark:
    * Very Small chance to capture Ninja Oboro

    Quest 2:
    Energy: 20
    EXP: 170
    Battles: 7
    Special Battles:
    * Room 4
    Very Small chance to encounter Iron Magress
    View attachment 14984 :dark:
    * Chance to capture Magress
    Bosses: Assassin Oboro
    View attachment 14982 :dark:
    * Small chance to capture Ninja Oboro
    * Very Small chance to Capture Assassin Oboro

    Quest 3:
    Energy: 30
    EXP: 3,500
    Battles: 7
    Rewards: 1 Gem
    Special Battles:
    *Room 4
    Chance to encounter Memetes, or Heavy Magress
    View attachment 14977 :dark:
    View attachment 14983 :dark:
    * Chance to capture Magress
    Boss: Shadow Oboro
    View attachment 14980 :dark:
    * Chance to capture Ninja Oboro
    * Small chance to Capture Assassin Oboro

    Quest 4:
    Quest Requirements: Completion of "The Lone Adventurer Lvl. 3"
    Energy: 40
    EXP: 4,200
    Battles: 7
    Rewards: 1 Gem + 1 Burst Frog
    Special Battles:
    Room 4
    Midboss encounter contains HellKing Hades, or Black Magress
    View attachment 14978 :dark:
    View attachment 14975 :dark:
    * Chance to Capture Magress
    Bosses: Red Shadow Oboro
    View attachment 14981 :dark:
    * Chance to capture Shadow Oboro
    * Small chance to capture Assasin Oboro
    * All attacks can cause Curse
    * Gains ATT, DEF, and CRIT buff at <50% HP

    I'll have the next 2 Guides up tomorrow
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