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    TO DO: rerolling(?)

    Downloading the Game

    • Download QooApp (just google it in device browser)
    • Download JPBF from QooApp
    ...Yeah that's pretty much it. There are versions of QooApp for both Android and IOS, and Qoo will keep JPBF updated after patches, though be warned that there may be 1-4 hours 'lag' after a maintenance before the .apk gets updated, and you can always patch manually from inside Qoo if you don't want to wait for it to happen automatically.

    Saving Account/Transferring Between Devices
    BFJP DOES NOT have a facebook linking system - the ONLY way to transfer or recover accounts is to use the password system (or whine to support, but success rates vary). It's probably wise to do this monthly just to be on the safe side.
    • Click Menu.
    • Tap 設定 (Settings).
    • Scroll to the bottom and tap データ引き继ぎ.
    • Tap 発行 and create a password.
    • The game will generate you an ID and show your password on the next screen; be sure to save this information!
    • STOP HERE if you just want to backup your account
    • If you want to transfer accounts to another device; on your new device, open the game and when you get to the title screen tap the box in the bottom right hand corner. Enter your ID and password then tap the button on the left.

    Most buttons and content work identically to and are in the same place as global - the "view units" button is right where it is in global, just with funky moon runes instead of the King's English. Things get a little more complicated with some vortexes though; stuff like the starter Grand Gaia Quests, Metal Parades, and Totem dungeons can be a little harder to memorize, especially since they aren't all in the generic fire-water-etc order. The simplest way to navigate is to just memorize the kanji for each element, which generally are the first or second character in each elemental vortex; a list is provided below.
    • = Fire
    • = Water
    • = Earth.
    • = Thunder
    • = Light
    • = Dark

    Unit Types
    Katakana is MUCH easier to learn than Kanji, and is in fact pretty useful throughout the game for stuff like unit names, but if you don't know it or don't care, here's the list of types arranged by best to worst
    • アニマ = Anima
    • ロード = Lord
    • ブレイカー = Breaker
    • ガーディアン = Guardian
    • オラクル = Oracle

    Achievement System
    ...There's no easy way to summarize this so I'm just going to link to Trytan's fantastic guide on AppInvasion.
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    Due to many people had trouble with translations. And a couple of them are "the same question" over and over...
    I guess it's time to manage your own translations :) how you ask?
    here's how:
    1)Download Google Translate from your appstore (takes around 25-30 mb)
    2)on language set the language to Japanese-English (download language set)
    3)Take a screenshot of the text you want to translate in game. In general you do the power+home button to screenshot. If it isn't, look for your phone model and look how to do a screenshot
    4) go back to google translate app, tap on the camera
    5) on the bottom there's an import button, tap it and select the screenshot you've taken
    6)once it finish scanning, highlight the text you want and voila you're done.
    Optional: Crop your screenshot to have better quality of translation
    while yes, google translate isnt doing a good job translating... HOWEVER, i believe no matter how broken english google translates it, you should get the idea of what's happening.

    @Eleiryn what's your thought? Is this needed?
    if it isn't, feel free to delete it :) if yes, mind if you tag it?
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    I hope this picture helps whoever is struggling to complete the nine starter mission challenges in JP.

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