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    Hey guys, I've recently gotten back into BF after a 2 year break and Ive been pulling some new units. At this point I want to start raising some but Im not sure who I should be focusing on and dont have the greatest idea on how to build my squads for each area. I've mostly just been questing and doing trails but I want to get into some FH and arena but dont know how to build my squads differently for each. Aside from getting the exp with Zeruiah I also don't know who to pick as my leaders.
    The current team Ive been using for questing and trails is :earth: 7* Zeruiah Lead, :thunder: 7* Silvie, :dark: 6* Elza, :light: 7* Krantz, :water: 6* Tridon
    and sometimes I swap in :fire: 7* Azuri

    These are my notable units with omni's at the top:
    :fire: Fire
    5* Lava
    6* Avant
    7* Kulyuk
    7* Shura
    7* Lyonesse
    7* Azuri
    7* Alessa
    7* Adriesta

    5* Berdette
    5* Michele
    4* Ramna
    5* Arus
    5* Ruby
    5* Adel
    5* Vermilion

    :water: Water
    6* Selena
    6* Elimo
    7* Azami
    7* Stein
    7* Holia
    7* Mariela
    7* Melord

    6* Tridon
    4* Zeldeus
    5* Raydn
    5* Lucina
    5* Tazer
    5* Colt
    5* Vernil
    5* Savia
    5* Lune
    5* Piany
    5* Klaus

    :earth: Earth
    5* Quaid
    7* Felice
    7* Hisui
    7* Zeruiah
    5* Zelnite
    7* Faelan
    5* Fang

    5* Vertri
    6* Vars
    5* Dolk
    6* Ophelia
    5* Rosetta
    5* Cyan
    5* Elaina

    :thunder: Thunder
    6* Eze
    7* Fizz
    7* Viktor
    7* Silvie
    7* Silas

    6* Shera
    6* Rowgen
    4* Rina
    5* Sargavel
    5* Balgran
    5* Rahgan
    5* Reud
    5* Lafiel
    5* Pamela
    5* Mikael

    :light: Light
    6* Atro
    7* Krantz
    5* Charla
    5* Sirius
    7* Lara
    7* Zekt
    7* Gabriela
    6* Zellha
    7* Izuna
    7* Agress

    4* Eldrex
    5* Sodis
    5* Kira
    5* Fadahl
    5* Rouche
    6* Reihard
    6* Astall

    :dark: Dark
    6* Elza
    7* Kalon
    7* Haido
    5* Alice
    7* Gregor
    5* Mifune

    6* Kikuri
    6* Feeva
    5* Zephyr
    6* Lilly Matah
    5* Laberd
    4* Shida
    4* Logan
    5* Kajah
    5* Yuura
    5* Reis
    5* Mizerka
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    First, you're in a good position, you've got a lot of the best stuff among new releases, and a lot of your older legacy units have been upgraded to the newer Omni standard. It means you have several viable build options depending on which units you prefer using. I will list what are technically multiple squads, but you'll note that we're really mostly just talking the same set of units in different configs, except when it comes to FH and arena/colo.

    However, drop Tridon ASAP. He actively makes your squad worse - by which I mean he actually fucks up your squad by being there. His shield is a buggy piece of legacy GE code that has never worked entirely right, and these days it conflicts badly with the fairly common barrier buff you can get from elsewhere. The only thing still viable about Tridon is his lead skill, but you have the modern equivalent units people use instead of Tridon anyway.

    All builds assume units are max Omni evolution with BB/SBB/UBB unlocked.

    :earth:Zeruiah, :thunder:Silvie (Either Zeru/Silvie Lead) + :fire:Alessa, :water:Mariela (or Gabriela), :light:Krantz (or Stein)
    :earth:Zeruiah, :thunder:Silvie (Either Lead) + :earth:Hisui, :light:Gabriela, :light:Zekt

    - essentially the key difference is deciding whether you want Alessa or Hisui for your stat buffs (atk/def/rec, def/rec) and stat stack (further stat buffs, stacking with the first set). Alessa can also carry crit buffs (if doing so, pair her with Gabriela and not Mariela), Hisui can also be mitigator (50% dmg reduction buff, SP'd for two turn duration) - if using Alessa you still need another slot for that role (probably Krantz/Stein).
    - otherwise all three builds have Zeru XP lead, element add, various forms of healing, various damage buffs, various core BB fill buffs, and key survival buffs.
    - Zeruiah lead for easier content farming, Silvie lead if you need damage.
    - if Gabriela is used in a build, probably SP her for heal over time buff and perhaps two turn duration on crit/ele/debuff null.

    - basically the exact same thing as the above with Silvie lead...except consider no crit SP on Alessa, and maybe swap out Mariela/Zekt if they are in build. Crit fucks with some raid drops, see other threads for a full explanation on where and why. You may instead need to bring some ailment inflict for RC6 boss lockdown, either :water:Azami, :earth:Faelan or :light:Zellha (probably with no crit SP, since Zellha also has crit options). Faelan should be sphered for ailment inflict chance if you field her. You can also use friend lead for the ailment inflict.

    TRIAL/GGC (harder boss fights)
    - again, exact same thing as above, except Mariela lead - you want the damage reduction/mitigation and passive BB gauge gen on LS. Hisui or maybe Alessa lead is also theoretically possible but Mariela may be best-suited to this.
    - you may want Zekt as lead instead vs. light/dark enemies, if so use Zekt version of the squad
    - alternatively, consider swapping Azurai into squad and using Azurai lead (again, use the version of the build containing Zekt, except take Azurai instead of Zekt and have him as lead).
    - as in the raid build, you may need Azami, Faelan, Zellha in certain boss fights for ailment inflict.

    :fire:Avant (Lead) + :earth:Zeruiah, :light:Zellha (w/crit SP, or Alessa w/crit SP, or Zekt/Mariela/Gregor/Azurai/Melord), :thunder:Silvie, (choice of unit)

    - last slot depends, choose something with high hit count or high dmg, e.g. Zellha, Elza, Gabriela, Faelan, whatever sparks best with squad.
    - can also use Gregor as squad lead rather than Avant, freeing up one space in build.

    :thunder:Fizz (Lead) + :fire:Azurai, :light:Izuna, :water:Selena, :dark:Mifune (or Viktor)

    - use of Azurai, Izuna, Selena assumes Omni with ES unlock for angel idol KO resist, Azurai should be SP'd for second KO resist. Selena needs Lexida sphere for ES activation.

    - a lot of your other units are considered very strong, Adriesta, Shura, Holia, Melord, etc. I've just chosen to build around the above for various slot efficiency reasons.

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