How is this possible?

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    Ran into this crazy team in Arena:
    (Edit: Image doesn't work sometimes, dude had a Chloe with 74,284 health as a leader.)
    How is it possible for a unit to have that much health? It got to a point where it was a 1v5 and I couldn't get it past half health. Heals full health every turn, SBB wiped everything out. Is Chloe just that rediculous with the right specs and spheres, or does the entire team revolve around her?
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    There are some crazy high HP defensive spheres available and one of them is actually very common.
    Here is the somewhat easy obtainable one for those who played for a while:
    That's the sphere giving her full heal every turn, and it also gives angel idol(s) in case you can push her to 1 HP lol... It's a stupid sphere and not having it for Colosseum is a huge disadvantage. In arena it's really annoying because of the angel idol(s) but you can either get through it with enough firepower, or have a tanky enough team that she cant kill alone (so you timeout with multiple units vs her alone and win)
    Then you can either have's_Edge paired with it or which is a lot rarer for now

    Omni Plus (OE+) increases base HP a lot at OE+3 which amplifies the HP increase from those spheres a lot.
    75k isn't so uncommon and a lot of units can reach that with OE+3 and those tank spheres.
    Erza and Chloe are the main users because they also have mitigation BB/SBB and passive mitigation for themselves which makes them pretty much unkillable.
    Chloe with Yggdrasil hets 25% mitigation from it after she receives some damage, and she has innately 10% self mitigation. If she uses BB/SBB it adds 50% more which makes it 85% mitigation total. Getting through 75k HP with all that mitigation requires a ton of damage. Against Light and Dark ennemies with her LS you add 15% which makes it 100% and she only takes 1 damage per hit.

    If she has Heaven's Edge as the second sphere it gives her quite a lot of damage too so she can kill weaker teams alone like that. Against better teams the fight can timeout if 2 units like that fight against each other and just cant damage each other, which is extremely common in colosseum.
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