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    Sorry, I have just recently started the game (around 2 weeks ago), and I am wondering what units should I get for the up coming UOC and how should I build my squad as I am very confused. I have researched on a couple of sites but managed to find little to no useful information. So I hope you can help and guide me.
    (P.S: I haven't omni'ed any of my units yet as I am unsure of which ones are useful are which ones aren't)
    These are my units :
    :dark:Mifune, Kikuri, Zeek, Velma, Zalvard, Kalon
    :earth:Mariletta, Daros
    :fire: Alessa
    :light: Reseus, Linasera, Izuna
    :thunder:Eze, Reddrag, Razak
    :water: Holia, Camilla,
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    Ok, so, first, Unit of Choice this time around is a much more limited selection of free units. Only older stuff, not newer units.

    Second, UoC is extremely simple for you. There is only a very very very very short list of possible choices. Unless you pull more units and the situation changes, your ONLY possible choices should be: :fire:Adel, :water:Elimo, :earth:Edea, :thunder:Shera, :light:Krantz ... maybe there's one or two I'm forgetting, but I think that's it. Full stop. Do not consider anything else.

    Why? Because this game is balanced around squads having a unit that does 50% damage reduction/mitigation buff from BB/SBB. This is a very specific effect. It's like the tank role in the game. Many fan sites will call it a mitigator. No tank in other RPGs, you're fucked in hard content. Here, no mitigator, you're fucked. You have most other stuff, but you have no mitigator, so...

    As to which to get, well, any can work really. I'd say probably go for Adel or Edea first... tho you can consider Elimo or Krantz maybe. Those fit better into squads you can make. But if you really really really want Shera that's fine too. Not as good synergy with your other stuff, but workable.

    I will not suggest squad builds because squad build will vary depending on which mitigator you want. I will say, though, probably safe to raise :fire:Alessa, :dark:Zalvard, :light:Linasera, :water:Holia regardless of what you choose.

    - Alessa
    has your only dmg reduction/mitigation lead skill, which is meta for boss fights. Stacks with the mitigation BB/SBB buff from the mitigation unit you will choose. Also she is your best unit for atk/def/rec buff and further def buff relative to other stat, in same slot. Can also do ailment cleanse (which may be useful with Holia, see below), can also do crit buffs with SP.
    - Holia and Linasera are high grade healers and support units. Linasera does ailment cleanse and has longer duration on a couple of null buffs. Holia doesn't remove ailments - but that's not an issue if Alessa does. Or if Edea/Krantz is your mitigator (as they do too). Or if Izuna is in squad. Holia notably does 80% KO resistance UBB, which is an amazing gamechanger in hard boss fights, 80% chance units don't die when killed, buff lasts until triggered, doesn't expire with turns.
    - Zalvard has the same UBB effect as Holia, can be used for it if you pick Linasera in squad instead. But you'll probably use him as a arena/colo unit anyway.
    - Linasera and Zalvard may not make main build if using Holia, but you need backup/second/third squads anyway.
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