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Discussion in 'European Server' started by KryptoKrypto, Dec 7, 2017.

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    First off sorry for my bad english. I'm really bad in squad building so hope somebody can help me with it. I need a team which I can use in general.
    My current squad build is: Heinrich, Amu Yunos, Ophiuchus, Shion, Auhlavez

    :fire:Fire: Heinrich, Glenn, Barbara

    :water:Water: Amu Yunos, Azami,

    :earth:Earth: Ophiuchus, Emily, Jade, Liberia

    :thunder:Thunder: Silas, Kushra, Rize, Viktor, Zora, Beiorg, Cleria

    :light:Light: Lauda, Kira, Rinon, Garrel, Elphet, Magena

    :dark:Dark: Shion, Auhlavez, Charlotte, Ensa-Taya, Matah, Laberd, Zekuu, Zeek, Velma, Butz, Cobalt,Kikuri, Alice
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    for your main youd want enough survivability trough of course ; buffs.

    Main squad :

    :dark: Cobalt ( lead )
    :light: Magena
    :dark: Shion
    :thunder: Rize
    :light: Garrel

    :light: Regil is the best option in you're current state.

    This team is your best option for now because you need all of these buffs, you should switch Rize for a good nuker in the future. Garrel can be switched for another spark buffer. Magena/ cobalt combo is pretty strong and you should keep him in you're team at all times.

    Nuker squad :

    :earth: Ophiuchus ( lead )
    :dark: Shion
    :dark: Zekuu
    :dark: Zeek
    :dark: Cobalt

    :dark: Alexandra ( Friend )

    This team is focused on normal attack nuking and is usefull for the current content. Ophi is the core unit in this team because she is the most important part for the 'nuking'. im not going into details but this is you're best choice if nuking the fuck out of content.

    Arena squad :

    :fire: Glenn ( lead )
    :fire: Heinrich
    :earth: Ophiuchus
    :dark: Zekuu or migitator like Cobalt
    :thunder: Beiorg

    Glenn lead is pretty good because you have the chance to hit all foes, this is pretty op because its possible to 1 turn you're enemy. Arena or pvp content pretty much cheese if you have units with AI. For example : If you get attacked, it pretty much always one shots a unit but you can bypass that with the AI buff to survive that.

    You're units are good but you might need some spark buffers, im pretty sure you can make it trough hard content if you use ophi for most stuff :)

    Good luck! (y)
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