I need help.

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Who should I choose?

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  1. Regil

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  2. Mora

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  3. Zekt

  1. Zalel

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    Note that I struggle with Mildran KM, the Genius's Challenge and Strategy Zones. This is my 7*s ,omnis and 6*s mentionables (at the bottom).

    Main Squad: Gabby-Elza-Melord-Lauda-Hisui

    Fire: Kulyulk-Adriesta-Michele-Avant-Shura-Lyonesse-Ciara-Ultor-Alessa

    Water: Selena-Elimo-Karl-Asami-Vern-Halie-Cotton-Hoila-Charlotte-Medina-Melord

    Light: Gabby-Lauda-Tilith-Krantz-Sefia-Lara-Izuna-Sirius-Lucius-Lilith-Ark(7*)

    Dark: Elza-Feeva-Alice-Kikuri-Shion-Chrome-Magress-Grah-Luina-Ivris

    Thunder: Elanor-Lid-Zora-Griel-Balgran-Rhoa-Silas-Rayla-Fizz-Ewan-Cleria-Beiorg

    Earth: Zelnite-Vertri-Edea-Oguro-Felice-F&F-Avani-Hisui-Libera-Rosetta-Daze-Gryas-Lanza-Freed-Mariletta

    6* Mentions: Rin-Drevas-Tora-Reud-Rowgen-Gazia-Shida-Fina-Narza-Raaga-Zephyr
  2. Brimstone Emperor

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    Out of the 3 UoC choices that you put in your Poll, I'd go with Zekt. Mora is a great Waifu (waifu for laifu actually and a decent unit), but imo is not integral enough to you roster that you'd need to pick her (you have Elza for spark and frankly she does it better since she's a blankie as well). Regil on the other hand is still a good unit, but is being overshadowed by the Divine Dragon Lukroar (something like that) since he was only really used for his LS. He carries BB atk, spark, andddd.....?. Point is, you can simply use a friend lead Regil (there are plenty of those) or Divine Dragon (I'm sure you could find someone). However, he could be useful in situations such as GR, where you can't rely on friend leads, as a either a rainbow lead or mono light lead if you lack a ceiling fan. Zekt is the best pick (from the ones you mentioned) imo because you did mention that you're struggling with KM. Zekt is the ideal lead for this, carrying L/D mit and a nice BC on hit on LS. You already have a Shion (who seems to be a popular choice this time around) and a Gabby (who was a popular choice as well), so I'd say the only thing your roster is really missing is a +hit nuker/cheeser such as Savia or Zenia if you like that. Other than that I'd go with Zekt.

    I'm not really sure if this is a UoC help thread or a KM squad build, so if you do need the latter, I'd be glad to help.

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