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    Hi there all. I recently opened Brave Frontier and went to login through Facebook. Without first doing the [Menu>Settings>Link to Facebook if you scroll down]. And it opened me a new account level 1 over my guest account. Luckily for me I still know my Player ID from some earlier support tickets I sent a few months ago. Any one with knowledge or experiences like this? Is there hope for me to retrieve a Guest account? I am on Android btw. Does Google Play Games account help with the retrieval back of my lost guest account? Or am I better off to just go and move on now?

    I sent Gumi a support ticket. No reply still. It's only been a day. But it's SKD.

    I know huge mistake on my part, should have went to do the menu>settings>link to facebook before i attempted this.

    Uh, What had happened was my device was having the summoning bug. So I wanted to clear user data.

    Would I need to provide them with any sort of information to validate my claim to help with the retrieval of my lost guest account?
    Or once a lost guest account occurs, it's unretrievable? meaning lost forever? which doesnt make sense cause clearly they should have my account on they're database if I can provide them with a Player ID.

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