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My omni unit design

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Balchmorn, Jul 30, 2016.

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    This is the unit i desigined to exploit status ails and use em to your advantage and introducing new mechanic: transformation

    Moonlit Alpha Feron: LS: Howl of the Moon: 40% all stats, 30% chance to inflict all ails except poison, poison chance 75%, 1400-1800 heal per turn while inflicted by ails, 10% all elements mitigation while inflicted by ailments

    Es: Rabid infection: 200% atk buff to all allies vs ails, and 30% all stats and 100 bb/sbb/ubb dmg mod and transforms when equipped with lunar necklace

    Lunar necklace: 40% to hp and atk, 1~3 bc fill when attacked, 1~2 bc fill on spark stat up sphere

    Transformation: when the Feron transforms his base stats is boosted by 25% and hp gains 30%% boost, his bb/sbb/ubb damage mod is augmented by 150%, gains 20% hp regen via rabies, when afflicted with rabies, ails and debuffs on Feron gains new effects:

    Poison: hp regen using poison damage formula

    Sick: gains 10% damage mitigation

    Curse: bc refills by 6 bc a turn, gains 2~3 bc fill on hit, 1~2 bc on spark, 3% od insta fill a turn

    Paralysis: 10% chace to do extra action

    Injury: 50% spark and crit dmg boost

    Weak: chance to recieve 1 hp dmg after taking 5000 hp dmg (10%)

    Al debuffs effect is inversed (atk down is same as atk up and stacks with standard stat buffs)

    Ails can still be wiped via cleanse but null will not prevent it from occurring

    Cannot be buff wiped

    Bb: 20 hit aoe dark elemental (350%), grants 3 turn hot (2500-3500 + 10% rec), 40% chance to inflict all ails and debuffs

    Sbb: 38 hit aoe dark elemental (750%)
    80% atk to def covert vs ailments buff, 50% mitigation for 1 turn, 150% tri stat buff, 2~4 bc on spark

    Ubb: 43 hit aoe dark/light elemental (2000%), 3 turn 75% mitigation, dark barrier for 3 turn (25000 hp), 500% bb mod, 100% chance to inflict every ails and debuffs (ignores ail null buff, if target is naturally immune, its reduced to 50% resistance)

    Sp options:

    20 sp: boost all para by 10%
    10: boost atk by 50%
    30: boost tristat buff from 150% to 160%
    30: boost all ails from 30% to 60% in ls
    40: boost base stats from 25% to 40% upon transformation
    40 sp: double the effect of ails when transformed
    50: 2 turn mit on bb/sbb
    100 sp: adds 50% chance of buff wipe on bb/sbb

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