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    Here are the characters I have. How should I be using them?
    Omni Units-Sacred Ashes Jakra-Breaker, Cosmic Being Amu Yunos- Anima, Foxblade Kitsu-Lord, Flashing Thief Fizz-Anima

    7 Star- Flame Legend Vargas-Breaker, Flare Paladin Darvanshel-Breaker, Ardent Monk Rengaku-Lord, Armored Flame Valen-Lord, -Blizzard Fang Signas-Anima, Charlotte-Lord, Phoenix Thunder Rayla-Anima Thunder General Ewan-Anima, Magical Host Mariletta-Guardian, Glorious Crusader Alyut-Anima, Vicious Twin-Edge Logan-Guardian, Toy Soldier Haido-Lord, Zero-Breaker

    6 Star- Red Swordsman Farlon-Anima, Fire Samba Ramna-Anima, Inferno Princess Dia-Guardian, Heaven’s Bolt Amy- Anima, Empyreal Drake Lodin-Anima, Gaia Armor Edea-Oracle, Ivy Goddess Nalmika-Breaker, Creator Maxwell-Lord, Cardes the Malevolent-Lord, Zevalhua the Supreme-Lord, Beast God Alfa Dilith-Lord, Duel-SGX-Breaker

    5 Star- Commander Mega-Breaker, Ice Warrior Karl-Lord, Talon God Rhein-Guardian, Rebel Angel Elsel-Anima, Thunder Gun Rowgen-Lord, Ruin Zellha-Breaker, Deemo and the Girl-Guardian, Mad God Zebra-Guardian
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    Just ask.
    Lukroar, Shion
    Omni-capable units:
    (Already Omni: Jakra, Amu Yunos, Kitsu, Fizz)
    :fire:Vargas, Rengaku, Valen
    :water:Signas, Charlotte (if have event mats)
    :earth:Mariletta, Edea
    :thunder:Rayla, Ewan
    :dark:Haido (if have event mats), Zero, Duel-SGX

    But in practice Vargas is fairly pointless, and Ewan is mainly for thunder builds, Charlotte and Haido may not be workable if you don't have event mats (and probably you wouldn't use Charlotte regardless).

    If you don't have Christmas mats to evolve Haido, then: :dark:Zero, :fire:Valen, :water:Amu Yunos, :earth:Mariletta, (last slot depends)
    OR :dark:Zero, :earth:Edea, :earth:Mariletta, (and two slots depend)

    If you do have mats for Haido, then you could go something like :dark:Zero, :fire:Valen, :dark:Haido, (two slots depend)

    Empty slots... if Edea's in squad this already covers ailment inflict, but could consider Zellha/Jakra for atk debuff (and more inflict, tho that's not needed), Rayla for atk debuff. If no Edea in squad, then probably look at Jakra or Zellha for ailment inflict. Maybe Fizz/Duel-SGX/Signas/Zellha (with SP) for crit, maybe Rengaku for nuke/OD/BB fill, etc. Zellha does seem to cover multiple angles here, so that's worth considering, but if you wanna use Jakra that is fine.

    Note that only source of def buff seems to be Valen, unless you have Charlotte event mats, so that may be one reason to take him over Omni Edea. IIRC Edea Omni isn't available on Global yet anyway, so chances are you'll work with a Valen version of the build.

    The problem is that unless you can go Valen+Haido, you might need to bring Valen+Amu Yunos just to take ailment removal on Amu Yunos as an SP option. Problem with that is Amu Yunos is pretty meh for a mixed element build; really I'd only see her as a good choice in mono water vs fire boss.

    Zero for squad lead in easier content, maybe someone else as lead for boss fights, though you don't have good boss fight lead choices. Probably Valen lead or maybe Jakra lead. Ideally Alza Masta or Omni Tridon friend, due to your situation.

    Fair warning, this isn't very good, but it does function.
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