Need help making a new squad, have lots of units

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    I have been collecting my mega rare since i started the game (am lvl 135), i have a lot and weird enough i can't make a squad for the life of me, i will list them below and hopefully someone can help me make one. I am looking for multiple squads for most things such as ; Arena, Summoner trials, different vortex gate quests, etc. Here are my Units:
    -Scorching Flame Glenn
    -Blazing Chain Barbara
    -Ardent Empress Agnia
    -Brave Kurewa & Kuraginn
    -Mythic Kulyuk
    -Wicked Warrior Shura
    -Shining Courage Alessa
    -Armored Flame Valen
    -Purifying Flame Rugahr
    -Dragon Demon Barion
    -Blazing Dragoon Ludero

    -Leviathan Sage Elimo
    -Ice Warrior Karl
    -Blue Purity Vern
    -Azure Princess Mariela
    -Just Commander Zalts
    -Chain Magister Hugh
    -Divine Wolf (x2)
    -Sea Fauna King Vaisal
    -Decay Demon Melord
    -Weeping Ice Camilla
    -Bubbling Spring Azalea
    -Marine Emperor Zeleste
    -Ice Lord Arson
    -Foxblade Kitsu (x2)

    -Jade Commander Gyras
    -Eternal Guardian Zeruiah
    -Heros Fei and Fang
    -Venomous Echo Isterio
    -Wild Edge Serge
    -Magical Host Mariletta
    -Watchful Eyes Baro
    -Nature DEmon Mordlim
    -Fickle Flower Philine (x2)
    -Enchanted Armor Barvars
    -Sea Princess Eriana

    -Celestial Plate Beiorg
    -Resurrected Silvie
    -Demios Thunderborn
    -Thunder Knight Fritz
    -Thunder General Ewan
    -Heavenly Empress Ragra
    -Evil Corpse Jireid

    -Executioner Lilith XTF
    -Brave Emperor Garrel
    -Holy Crown Linsera
    -Creator Maxwell
    -Sacred Dragonchild Lara
    -False Demon Lauda
    -Tech Craze Ionia

    -Roaring Empress Sonia
    -Cardes the Malevolent
    -Heresy Demon Kalon (x2)
    -Wicked Sorcerer Gregor
    -Noble Links Johan
    -Calm Triumph Zekuu
    -Soul Eater Zalvard
    -Hexed Parasite Velma
    -Cursed Anchor Dirk Rezo

    These are all of my units at the moment, i will take any help i can get so if you do help, thank you
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    Not comprehensive coverage of everything in game, just the obvious things.

    :earth:Phileine, :earth:Mordlim (Either Lead) + :thunder:Silvie, :light:Lilith (or other unit), :water:Mariela (or Barvas, or other unit)
    or :earth:Mordlim (Lead) + :light:Linasera, :thunder:Silvie, :light:Lilith (or other unit), (choice of 1x unit)

    - Phileine/Mordlim (or Mariela) for 20% dmg reduction lead skill, pair with Regil/Alan/Azurai/Shida/Jack-O' friend
    - if have friend Karna Masta or Omni Tridon, see alternate setup below
    - Phileine for heals, ailment removal, optionally BB fill when squad dmg if Barvas or other unit used. Mordlim for 50% dmg reduction (SP for two turns), def relative to atk (tho Phileine can do def stack also), also ailment inflict on Mordlim BB (needed for some bosses). Silvie for spark dmg buff, sparks fill gauge, alternate source of atk/def/rec on BB, also 80% KO resistance UBB (cast Silvie BB early as safety net). Lilith for SBB atk/def/rec (not strictly needed with Silvie, but convenient), OD fill, reliable damage. Lilith can be replaced if need be. Mariela/Barvas slot is mainly for crit null (SP Mariela for this, use Barvas BB for this), can be replaced with other unit if crit null not needed.
    - Mordlim lead variant uses Linasera in squad not Phileine, meaning Mariela/Barvas slot is not required (Linasera does crit null)

    OR :light:Jack-O' (Lead) + :earth:Phileine, :thunder:Silvie, :dark:Velma (or other ailment), :water:Mariela (or Barvas, other unit)
    - this variant of the Phileine/Mordlim squad uses Jack-O' lead, this is to allow you to use Karna Masta/Omni Tridon friends (or other 20% dmg reduction friends like Cleria, someone else's Phileine/Mordlim, Rain, etc).
    - due to Jack-O' as mitigator instead of Mordlim, bring Velma or other ailment/debuff unit

    RAID (non-GR)
    :water:Arsom (Lead) + :earth:Phileine, :earth:Mordlim, :thunder:Beiorg, (last slot depends)
    - variant using Arsom lead for 20% dmg reduction on a more offensive LS, crit removed (no Mariela) in case need to do RC5+ sphere mat farm or something.
    - SP Arsom for spark dmg buff and sparks fill BB gauge
    - Beiorg in place of Lilith for atk/def/rec and instead of Silvie for 80% KO res (since Arsom takes spark dmg buff duties)
    - a similar build is possible with Fei and Fang lead rather than Arsom. If doing this, probably use Lauda in last slot.

    :earth:Zeruiah (Lead) + :thunder:Silvie (or Arsom), :earth:Phileine, :earth:Mordlim (or Jack-O'), :thunder:Beiorg
    - or something like this - basically just for account XP LS on Zeru

    :fire:Rugahr (Lead) + :earth:Zeruiah, :thunder:Silvie, :water:Kitsu, :water:Kitsu
    or :fire:Barion (Lead) + :earth:Zeruiah, :thunder:Silvie, :fire:Rugahr, (and another nuke unit, e.g. Lauda)
    - optimum FH/crit squad uses 2x identical attackers, but Rugahr's lead skill isn't super ideal if you try that route, also Kitsu isn't that great anyway

    Arena, colo atk: :fire:Glenn (Lead) + (see below)
    Colo def: :dark:Zalvard (Lead) + (see below)
    - squad members: Glenn (only on def if have KO res SP), Kurawa & Kuraginn, Kitsu, Kitsu, Silvie, Barvars, Zalvard, Dirk Rezo, Zekuu (only on atk)
    - SP units for KO res where available, note that Glenn cannot SP KO res and SP lead skill at same time

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