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    hi, im really new at BF. So i need some help to make some good and usefull Squad to play.
    i need a Squad for Quests and GGC.
    here are my Units, i hope i have some useful units :)
    :fire:: Fiora, Barbara, Ludero, Rengaku, Phoenix
    :water:: Azami, Azalea, Soleil, Wolf, Kitsu, Zalts, Yunos
    :earth:: Gyras, Lario, Mariletta, Daros, Daze, Rozalia
    :thunder:: Eze, Cleria, Silas, Licht, Ewan
    :light:: Krantz, Lauda, Linasera, Zekt, Segrud, Garrel, Janice
    :dark:: Shion, Mifune, Velma, Johan, Haido, Sonia, Bahvel

    And thanks to everybody who will help me(y);)
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    Just ask.
    Lukroar, Shion
    :thunder:Cleria, :dark:Shion, :dark:Johan (or Krantz), :dark:Sonia (or Barbara/Eze/Licht/Garrel), (last slot depends - see below)
    - SQUAD LEADS: use Cleria as lead for trial, vortex GGC or other hard boss fights - bring Regil/Lukroar/Azurai/Alza Masta/Alan/etc friend
    - use Shion as lead for easier quest content - for account XP farming
    - use Sonia/Barbara/Licht as lead for raid or whatever - when you need some damage on LS and can't earn XP anyway
    - SP Johan or Krantz for 50% dmg reduction on BB/SBB
    - SP Sonia for spark dmg buff value - in general SP any unit in this slot for spark dmg buff. If using Regil/Lukroar friend with Cleria lead, can remove Sonia slot.
    - Sonia recommended over Barbara/Licht/Garrel/Eze as she also can do debuff and ailment inflict role. Ailment inflict needs sphere, e.g. vorpal chainblades, virulent device, metal orb.
    - can alternatively use Velma for ailments+debuffs if no Sonia in squad, or in last slot
    - in some cases may need to bring Linasera in empty slot for crit null vs certain bosses
    - if space permits, may want Janice in empty slot for 80% KO resistance UBB - 80% chance units don't die when killed. Cast this early as a safety net, buff doesn't expire with turns, only expires when triggered
    - if no ailments+debuffs or crit null needed, can bring whatever you want, e.g. take Zekt for crit buffs

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