New to game (somewhat) and needing help building a good team for different modes

Discussion in 'Units & Squads' started by Failcaptain, Nov 12, 2015.

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    My name is Failcaptain, and I have been playing this game for about a month (literally binging on this game, its so fun and addictive!). Spent some gems (mostly birthday money) and got a lot of pulls, but I'm having a hard time vying away from my current team and I'm in search of a new lead. The units that I have kept I'll list out for you based on stars.

    My friend who got me into this game has recently informed me of several different game modes (trials, frontier hunter/gate, raids, and mech gods for 7* mats mostly) and I am very unfamiliar with anything outside of arena and quest mode. I've looked at some guides, but they all suggest units I don't have, and I'd like to find a way to enjoy these modes with my current units. I'm looking to get out of the casual beginning phase of this game and getting into the late game content.

    Here's what I'm working with:
    Cost: 142

    :earth: Quaid

    :fire: Claire
    :fire: Bestie
    :earth: Dion
    :thunder: Eze
    :thunder: Shera
    :light: Raaga
    :light: Krantz
    :dark: Zenia
    :dark: Mifune
    :dark: Yuura

    :water: Rigness
    :water: Colt
    :water: Tridon
    :water: Tazer
    :water: Medina
    :water: Iris
    :water: Quartz (pulled 2 recently)
    :water: Lune
    :earth: Libera
    :earth: Dion (I have 2)
    :earth: Duran
    :earth: Elaina
    :thunder: Rize
    :thunder: Balgran
    :thunder: Rhoa
    :thunder: Mahalu
    :thunder: Kanon
    :thunder: Zedus
    :thunder: Symphonia
    :thunder: Rahgan
    :dark: Duel-GX II
    :dark: Lunaris
    :dark: Reis
    :dark: Hadaron
    :fire: Lava
    :fire: Alpha
    :fire: Grandt
    :light: Zellha
    :light: Kira
    :light: Exgear
    :light: Nadore
    :light: Yuuki
    :light: Aurelia

    4* (Sorry, I know these lists are long :oops:)
    :fire: Ultor
    :fire: Ciara
    :water: Fei
    :earth: Andaria
    :light: Melchio
    :light: Lilith
    :light: Eva
    :light: Carrol (this one cracked me up)
    :dark: Kikuri
    :dark: Zebra
    :dark: Semira

    Current Team
    :earth: Quaid (lead)
    :light: Krantz
    :dark: Hadaron
    :fire: Bestie
    :water: Colt

    I feel like I'm just sitting on a lot of units and that I should be raising one in particular as a new lead (Ultor, I know. It's getting there) but I'm not sure how to build good synergy teams and would love some help seeing what I'm sitting on from some more advanced players.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you all soon. Sorry it was so long!

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    Objection. This unit list isn't very fail. You're now Wincaptain. This is a very very solid list of units and you should have no problems clearing the hard stuff in this game once you have the right units levelled up.

    I'm on my phone so this is going to be shorter than my usual posts. Please ask if there's any questions.

    :dark:Zenia (or Rhoa), :dark:Reis (Choose Zenia, Rhoa or Reis as leader) + :light:Krantz (or Shera), :earth:Libera (or Nadore), :light:Aurelia
    - Zenia lead boosts damage, has BB gauge fill when you spark. Very good BB fill effect. Rhoa lead is similar, less damage, same BB fill, but has HP on lead skill. HP on lead is better for raids and such, trials, etc. Both units are spark damage buffers individually.
    - Reis is functionally superior to Colt in every way except for Colt's BB gauge fill buff - his lead skill does HP buff, crit damage, and BB gauge fill when you crit. Note that last part. Colt BB/SBB also only carries crit rate, Reis brings both crit rate and crit damage buffs.
    - Krantz or Shera needed for 50% dmg reduction. Fairly straightforward.
    - Libera or Nadore for def buff and rec buff, also BB fill when squad damaged. Synergy with Aurelia, see below.
    - Aurelia has heal effects, but notably her SBB buffs def stat based on rec stat. This is further strengthened by any rec buffs on squad and stacks with any normal def buffs for a very high final def number. Now look at Libera and Nadore again. See the picture? Yeap.
    - One slight issue - you cannot simply spam SBBs on this squad, Libera needs to cast normal BB if you use her, at least every three turns, Aurelia and Krantz also need normal BB to cleanse negative status.

    :fire:Bestie, :thunder:Zedus (Either Lead) + :light:Krantz (or Shera), (two open slots)
    - This is an alt build to the above, Bestie lead is fairly decent, Zedus lead is also nice for pure damage. As an individual unit Zedus also at 7* brings a whole massive set of damage buffs, basically doing Rhoa and Reis' jobs in one slot.
    - The last two can do Libera/Nadore and Aurelia same as before, or...let's talk alternatives. You can do this stuff on the Zenia/Rhoa + Reis team too.
    - Quaid or 7* Ciara and Krantz together do grant all element add, which is good for hitting element weaknesses. So can bring Ciara/Quaid.
    - Tridon has lots of defensive and support buffs, is also a good candidate. Has unique shield mechanic.
    - Exgear does infinite AOE SBB, he refills his own BB gauge to max so he can keep going and going each turn.
    - Kanon is a very solid combo of def buff and status protect
    - annnd so on, you have a ton of solid options.

    FRONTIER HUNTER (monthly event)
    :dark:Zenia (Lead) + :light:Krantz, :fire:Ciara (or Quaid), :earth:Andaria (or Kanon), :light:Exgear
    - This is an example of what alternate builds can be used for, this one is tailored for FH monthly event with lots of element damage add and sparking potential. Which gets you event points. Note that Ciara needs 7* evo to do Quaid's job.

    :water:Tridon (Lead) + :light:Krantz, :earth:Libera (or Nadore), :light:Aurelia, (choice of final unit)
    - For bosses and hard stuff you can opt to go full tank mode, Tridon lead for durability, Libera/Nadore and Aurelia for that def stacking stuff
    - Last slot depends on boss. Expect to vary your squad slightly based on requirements of that particular fight, e.g. Zedus for enemy atk down and damage buffs, Exgear for damage output, or Yuura, etc
    - If def stack not needed, can drop Nadore/Libera and Aurelia and bring Bestie. If Krantz status cure and light/dark not needed can drop Krantz and bring Shera.
    - for some bosses who do damage reflect you may need to use a different healer - Krantz and Aurelia damage when healing, so a pure heal only BB or SBB is helpful for some stuff, e.g. Rigness

    :thunder:Raghan (Lead) + :dark:Lunaris, :light:Melchio; :earth:Quaid, :thunder:Rhoa
    - Libera, Kikuri and maybe some others are also good squad members. Melchio is mainly slotted here with his 7* in mind, at lower evo can use others.
    - You can also consider Quaid, Hadaron or Ultor arena lead but Rahgan is more...meta. It's complicated. But Hadaron lead is damn solid too, as is Quaid.
    - Bestie and Raaga work well with Rahgan lead to a degree in arena (normal hit count build) but I am not fond of Raaga BB/SBB arena AI behaviour.
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    This is absolutely fantastic. Phone nothing, this was a fantastic guide. Thank you for sharing! :) I just didn't know what I was sitting on.

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