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Discussion in 'Phantom of the Kill' started by Chippy, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Chippy


    I'm new to the game and had I'm looking for some clarification on maxing a units stats.

    I have a 6-star Artemis(M) that I have done all 4 limit breaks on and have him up to level 90. I've fused him many times and ive noticed that some of his stats have stopped increasing when fusing a unit or dolly that has that respective stat boost. However, those stats that I can't increase any more don't have a pink star beside them. Only one of his stats has a pink star beside it (Agi at 98).

    The stats that won't increase more have a portion of the blue bar showing as white. Does this indicate I can't fuse more of those stats into it because it's white? And if so, how can I get these stats to get their pink star?

    Do I need to reincarnate?

    Here are the current stats of this unit:
    HP 91
    Str 77
    Mgc 33
    Grd 64
    Spr 36 (this looks like can still be increased with fusing)
    Spd 77 (also looks like it can be increased with fusing)
    Agi 98 (pink star)
    Lck 32

    Any help would be very much appreciated. :)

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