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    Regil / Erza
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    RC 6
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    BFG - Xenoblade 2
    I last played when a 5* Breaker Alice was basically the answer to a lot of the game's content. New account though and spent some $$$ since mobile games are about all I play. Have a small squad that has suited me well in my ~10 days of play time. Currently lv271 and climbing while finding time to max the units I like that seem to have some synergy. I did manage to participate in FH and think I'll gain 8lvs / ranks, and at RC3.

    I'm not far into the main campaign (Encervis), but have cleared the Research Lab Trials I have available and over half of the GGC. My squad for basically everything, b/c it's all I have:
    • Regil
    • Becstain
    • Mordlim
    • Sae
    • Selena
    Omni max level / SP / 2 spheres / EX - I acquired Vikki and Holia today and waiting for the weekend to farm the Mechs for their evos; I have an Omni Breaker Mifune, and working on his SP. I have 30+ available friend spots and can use Line / Discord; would love input as to what I should be focusing on now...seems like leveling & the campaign.
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