Squad Build for Battle No. X1

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Best Leader for a full fire area squad?

  1. Yan & Yuan

  2. Blaze

  3. Glenn

  4. Vargas

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  1. ApoloniousRises

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    Hey! I need help building a squad for Battle No. X1. I have a lot of units and the resources to get any unit up to top condition. In this, I would love if you could recommend Units for this fight and any units I might not have at the moment that could replace one when I do get it. Enough talk! Let's get down to business! These are the units I have:
    Malef, Afla Dilith, Zegstia, Blaze, Yan & Yuan, Kurewa & Kuraginn, Vargas, Lorand, Darvanshel, Kulyuk, Rengaku, Shura, Alessa, Glenn, Rugahr, Barion, Agnia, Jakra, Amus, Ludero, Owen, Azurai, Rahotep, Adriesta, and Feng.

    Selena, Mega, Elimo, Arius, Noah, Tazer, Vern, Azami, Stein, Holia, Mariela, Asto, Camilla, Hugh, Azalea, Amu Yunos, Zeleste, Isneil, Arsom, Vaisal, Lumis, Wintia, Serin, Snow Miku, and Ilm. (Easily can get Tridon if need be)

    Lance, Zelinite, Zevalhua, Felice, Daze, Serge, Gyras, Lanza, Freed, Baro, Mordlim, Darvos, Phileine, Divine Armor, Eriana, Nagid, Gandrei, Nyala, Faelan, Nimune, Senbonzakura Miku and Fei & Fang.

    Eze, Fizz, Daltisk, Silas, Rayla, Viktor, Ewan, Cleria, Beiorg, Ragra, Jireid, Becstain, Marlo, Razak, Ordine, Eerikki, Zora and Zelion.

    Sefia, Solo, Snow Miku, Atro, Melchio, Ark, Leorone, Lilith, Maxwell, Kira, Raaga, Lucius, Lara, Garrel, Janice, Diastima, Regil, Ionia, Mora, linasera, Lukroar, Reseus, Segrud, Alan, Enile, Gabriela, Agress and Carrol.

    Mifune, Matah, Feeva, Shion, Magress, Shida, Kikuri, Lunaris, Grahdens, Zephyr, Eric, Cardes (6*), Zevalhua, Afla Dilith, Kafka, Kalon, Sonia, Zekuu, Zeek, Zalvard, Liomerg, Velma, Mizo Dorte, Dirk Rezo, Ragina, Semira, Hadaron, Xie'Jing, Zenia, Nyami, Randolph & Ravenna, Neferet, Kalon, Johan, Gregor and Luina.
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    :light:Alan (lead), :water:Holia, :fire:Amus, :light:Lilith, :fire:Blaze, :water:Elimo, :water:Arsom, :earth:Nagid (with EWD null sphere if possible), :thunder:Daltisk, :thunder:Zelion, :dark:Alza Masta (friend)
    • Seria's gotten quite easy actually; what you run outside of your core doesn't matter too much
    • You'll want to have multiple healers/mitigators in preparation for the LS-locks from Malef in the last phase
    • Blaze, Arsom, and Zelion are simply there to help make the trial a bit faster. They can be replaced with other nukers/dmg buffers if you'd like
    • Make sure you have a guide/know your thresholds. Seria has a lot of friends during this fight, and their UBBs can do some big damage if you're not carefull
    Since you're fighting Seria, I'm gonna assume you haven't done any SZ before, so here are just a few tips
    • Stuff like Alan, Holia, Glenn, and Shion carry an all stat boost for allies in their ES, which gets applied to all units if they are in your starting squad
    • Switching is important; some trials have dangerous consequences if you don't switch your units out, or if you switch in the wrong ones. This one in particular has Malef LS-locking individual units towards the end of the fight. You'll need to switch out the LS-locked units (use HP to see, or check the buffs)
    Some other units you might want to raise (if you haven't already) for future SZs: :thunder:Cleria, :fire:Glenn (10% ES), :light:Segrud, :dark:Shion, :water:Lumis, and :earth:Phil.

    P.S. For your poll, did you mean for FVA?

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