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Discussion in 'Units & Squads' started by Ziruko, May 24, 2016.

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    If you guys could help me with my squads. Here I separated them by elements. Of you guys can let me know.
    Also, should I expand my unit storage/Item storage or what should i use my gems for?

    • Fire Dragoon Ulkina; Lord
    • Ember Charm Fiora; Oracle
    • Phoenix Emperor Arus; Oracle
    • Smoldering King Alpha; Anima
    • Ice Goddess Selena; Anima
    • Tidal Narce Medina; Lord
    • Merciless Tridon; Oracle
    • Time Lord Claris; Breaker
    • Beryl Edge Quaid; Oracle
    • Beast Master Avani; Guardian
    • Heroine Fang; Anima
    • Beast God Excehl; Breaker
    • Voltage Cutlass Diana; Guardian
    • Divine Destroyer Rize; Guardian
    • Lightning Rod Rhoa; Guardian
    • Magnetic Lady Lafiel; Lord
    • Thunder Sentry Shera; Lord
    • Shadow Scroll Kagura; Breaker
    • Thunder Pole Rhoa; Lord
    • Thunder Sentinel Deimos; Lord
    • God Knight Will; Guardian
    • Supreme Militant Raaga; Anima
    • Noble Cavalier Krantz; Oracle
    • Scythe God Alice; Anima
    • Lemia; Lord
    • Onxy Dragon Rugrow; Guardian
    • Unwordly Guns Malbelle; Guardian
    • Wild Cat Nyami; Lord
    • Magistra Lira; Breaker
    • Ominous Slashe Aaron; Lord
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    Yes, there is no shame in using gems to get more space. Keep in mind that 1 gem for 5 item/unit space is a pretty good deal and that space will stay with you for the entire duration of the game, unlike a dupe unit you pull that is soon sold for merit points. Expand until you have enough space that you're comfortable farming quests without having to constantly sell your stuff. If you cannot keep any more items or units you want to keep, expand. Better to expand than to sell units that might get omni later or items that would later be used in crafting a sphere you want. BF is a game that rewards hoarding, both in terms of mats and units. Saving mats that I didn't immediately need for crafting allowed me to craft some high end spheres without much of a hassle, instead of having to start from scratch.

    I'm afraid that you don't have a lot to work in terms of squads with since you're still in the early game. Your first general use squad (which I've outlined for you below) will help you get through the early content, but you'll have to improve it over time as you pull more units. Wait for the next Global Exclusives if you have some gems saved. They're almost always worth pulling. (y)

    General use squad + Raid:

    lead (spark buff, BC on spark)
    Lafiel (BB on hit + BC on spark)
    Will (BB atk buff, BC/HC drop rate buff, burst heal and heal over time)
    Exvehl/Sargavel (cleanses and removes status ailments, boosts BB gauge fill rate)
    Nyami (nuker)
    Friend: You need someone who offense a def + def convert buff if you want to take on harder content, since you don't have any units who can do that for you. Kulyuk friend is good for that. If you're just rofl-stomping normal quests, you can probably use any offensive lead like Sirius, Haile, Ensa-Taya, OE Eze and mat/exp/zel/karma farming leads like Zeruiah or Zelnite.

    Avani lead (+hitcount on LS and ES, really good arena lead)
    Selena (7* or OE, arena queen)
    Raaga (7*, has a +hitcount ES)
    + 2 units of your choice. Pick the ones with the highest attack.
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