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    Was too lazy to make this look super pro amazing but I think it should get the general point across.

    Important Notes:
    - Water Units will die without elemental weakness null. Even if they don't they will still suck without retyping.
    - 11k HP is the minimum to have a chance at beating this, to guarantee zero deaths you will need 22k.
    - High damage is a must, there are no resistances on the second round and the first one only has BB Atk (That's new omg) and BC/HC resistance. So virtually all forms of offensive buffs will help. Single-Target nukers are especially helpful for round 2.
    - For both Rounds, the boss is vulnerable to Weakness and Sickness.
    - Hadaron is undeniably the best at this fight. He can cover Injury + Sickness + Curse + Crit Buff + Single-Target Nuke and his Stealth will let him hide from those crazy ST nukes. Will make everything a lot easier.

    Round 1:

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    As you've probably worked out already, this trial is heavy on damage. If you don't have 22k HP and/or extra mitigation as a minimum then occasional deaths will happen if Shattered Praise happens to cast twice on the same target, you won't be able to stop this so it's recommended to go crazy with HP boosting. Aside HP issues the only problem with this round is that you need relatively high damage.

    At 60% and 30% she will cast Echoing Thunder, you will have 3 turns to break the Barrier or else your team will be instant wiped, with the exception of Angel Idols since there is no buff wiping. Thankfully since there are no boss resistances aside from BB Atk this round, nuking down the Barrier should be straight forward if you brought obvious things like Crit Buffers.

    Round 2:

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    This round is basically the same as the first one but with adds and a higher demand for dealing damage. For starters, cleanse debuffs every turn because 80% ATK Down is going to be very annoying to deal with.

    Every time Rahgan and Charla are summoned, switch to them and start nuking immediately because their buffs are pretty bad on top of the damage you already take; single-target damage can be very helpful. Rahgan is vulnerable to Injury and Charla is vulnerable to Curse, Weakness, Poison and Sickness.

    Every time they die, switch to Paris and begin nuking immediately, again it's really helpful if you have a single-target nuker because you want her losing HP fast before Rahgan and Charla pop up again; it's a good idea to also have all your gauges up right before you finish off Rahgan/Charla to maximise the damage within those 5 turns you get.

    Once Paris reaches 50% HP she will no longer summon Rahgan and Charla, instead she'll summon Loch; who only has one life but still kind of annoying so kill him anyway. Unless you have Paralysis/Curse and/or sort of like Loch, then yeah okay ignore him and nuke Paris.

    At 20% Paris will use Overdrive, then she's going to nuke you 4 turns later and recover almost half of her total HP while getting 100% more ATK/DEF/REC.

    At 0% she revives, kill her again and the fight is over.
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