EU Want RETURN all Vortex dungeons Eu exclusive Series as start from Valhalla

Discussion in 'European Server' started by Super Wi, Dec 3, 2017.


Want RETURN all Eu exclusive vortex dungeon add on all of them Dream evolution and add more Eu unit?

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  1. Yes! I'm want add more Eu exclusive series and Return All from 1st Eu exclusive series

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  2. No... I'm not like Eu exclusives series and don't want add any more Dungeons

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    Dear Brave Frontier Developers and all who work onto Brave Frontier RPG want Return All Vortex dungeons from Past 3 years This meant all European Series and units as Start from Valhalla and reach to S.A (Siegfried Academy). Want All Eu Exclusive units got Dream (Omni) Evolution. Please Add and from each Eu Series one or more units can got from Vortex dungeons or from any map also want Add new Eu exclusive heroes for future but please do it that Suggestion and want Return most of all series Valhalla Vortex dungeons and most original Eu exclusive vortex dungeons and series Mirror world. And want add Vortex dungeon for obtain minimum 1 of S.A Eu exclusive heroes.

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