What units should I use?

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    I need help building a team, I have a good amount of 7 stars and a few omnis just not sure who to use, these are my units

    Omni- elphelt, viktor (best stats for me), linasera, foxblade kitsu

    7 star- shura, Hugh, Mora, Stein, Asto, Azalea, Arsom, Daze, Kanon, viktor, Ewan, Cleria, Beiorg, Divine Machine, Sirius, Izuna, Alan, Zalvard, Mizo Dorte, Ragina, Charlotte,

    6 Star- griff, Lario, Zelnite, Zellha, Zedus, Maxwell, Cardes, Exgear, Phoena

    5 Star- griff, Agni, Seria, Darvanshel, Avant, Vermillion, Berdette, Iris, Savia, Piany, Eze, Reddrag, Lilith, kira, Raaga, Sixgear, Yuuri, Astall, Duel-GX II, Logan, Grahdens, Luka, Yuura, Zeal, Carrol,

    4 Star- Mifune, Karl, Signas, Miku, Narza, Kuda, Aurelia

    3 Star- Amy

    That’s it! Please help me make a team, it would really help. (Also if there’s someone I SHOULD DEFINATELY EVOLVE, please tell me) p.s. my two strongest units by far are viktor, and linasera Omni forms.
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